Advertising MVP & Partnership

2 years ago

Cartoon by @ladaural

We have been working hard to bring the best possible user experience to the Smoke community while at the same time expanding our user base through various initiatives.

We are extremely proud to reach over 4200 accounts registered on Smoke and over 4000 Unique Visitors per day!

Advertising Plans

We are excited to announce our partnership with Mantis Ad Network, one of the largest cannabis advertises on the planet.

You may notice a banner ad appear on all pages. These ads are served by Mantis Ad Network and will provide an income for

This will act as an MVP to trial ads on until Grow Advertising (Previously known as Smoke Exchange) is built and allows for bidding for ad space directly in Smoke coin!

Until further notice, these funds will be used in the following way:

50% - Purchase ads on other cannabis websites.
50% - Purchase SMOKE at market rate on Rudex*.

*Buybacks will take place on the payout dates from Mantis and SMOKE purchased will be burnt.

With the ads in place, we look forward to using this opportunity to bring some fresh faces into the Smoke community and show real-world value!

Until the next update... Happy Smoking!

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This is an interesting development.

My first thought is that this is way better than bid bots. Especially if it is closer to traditional advertising where the advertisers are incentivized only by people responding to the ads and there for motivated to make quality, relevant ads or lose money.

Using revenue for purchasing ads on other sites and buying/burning SMOKE seems like a good idea for growth. I will be very interested to see how this looks in action and the development of Grow Advertising.

Thanks for the update.


I agree 100% .... cannabis companies can’t advertise anywhere else so this makes perfect sense. I support this move. I will try to support these businesses any way I can.

That’s a wonderful news, it will definitely boost the visibility to this community👌

Green is indeed the new black! What a great a way to celebrate thanksgiving!! Thank you Smoke Network!! Love you!

With 💕,


Awesome.. I saw the ad this afternoon I wondered but at the same time glad to see the improvement.. The Dev Team are actually doing a great job to improve the UI of this amazing platform to competing with the best.. Keep up the good work and keep helping the network and ecosystem to grow.

Bavo!! Smokenetwork!!!

For the 1st 10 seconds I did not like seeing the banner ad at the top, however upon reflection I quickly changed my mind!

Is the burn going to be a burn of actual SMOKE or burning the DEX UIA? Because burning the UIA wont have the same effect.


I'd imagine we're talking burning smoke tokens safely on the smoke network itself as opposed to UIA/EBA on the BTS DEX.

Wow wow! 😀 when I saw the ads I was thinking maybe something is been testing on but now that I read this, i now know its actually something worth celebrating. This is just the beginning and I see future in this from the start and I am so happy @stoner and @baabeetaa are really doing it. Now that I am sure that the moon mission is real, let me go and pack my loads 🏃 🏃 😅✊.

I think it’s great.... I am earning Fiat on my Youtube Channel and Bloggr blogs so that I can use that Fiat to buy more Smoke. The more fiat I have to convert to Smoke the better. I always say.

This is a step into the right direction. You guys probably have made more true revenue than steemit has up till this point. I like that tokens will be burned. It is a different way of rewarding the users of this platform.

Great thinking and work smoke team!

To be entirely honest, I think both community and partners would be served much better with “promoted” in feed, AKA native advertisement. At the same time it’s a great mechanic to burn SMOKE tokens.

Here’s hoping that is the ads exchange in the works. Banner blindness is a real thing.

I noticed the ads first because Brave browser (my preferred browser on Android) had nicely blocked them, showing only the “advertisement” header.


Like an ad pretending to be a user submitted article?

Perhaps, but that's far more intrusive than the banners.

If we had a 'promotion' feature similar to STEEM, then advertisers could create a smoke post and burn smoke directly on the network to get their post views on the 'promoted' page. That said, whenever I used the promotion feature it was negligible whether or not that had any impact at all on the view/upvote counts of the promoted content 🤷‍♂️

People are free to create their own web front end for SMOKE riddled with ads, there's nothing stopping that if people are interested in using such an interface 😂


As per WP "pushed articles" will be a part of the business strategy.

We will also see many of those without disclosure most likely. Dispensaries in competitive areas will definitely offer heir customers with reach a little extra and even an upvote for reviews of the newer and more popular strains. At least the smarter ones will do so after having powered up a little.

The best solution would be Steem's promoted but shown in feeds and every x articles. That would be most transparent solution, platform integrated, and targeting could happen on category and tags, location on an opt-in basis. Motivated devs would then create plug-ins hiding those posts. 😂


Dispensaries in competitive areas will definitely offer heir customers with reach a little extra and even an upvote for reviews of the newer and more popular strains.

That would make sense, a leaflet in their bag informing them that they could be getting rewarded (effectively a weed rebate) for reviewing the weed they just bought would be a good idea, more advertising for the dispenary for sure and others would upvote their content too.

What a great incentive to invest in smoke I hope that the cannabis industry will catch up to this opportunity.

Awesome stuff, If possible it'd be cool if smoke advertised on the ukcsc website at some point 👍

That's great, anyway to spread smoke.i.o around the internet is good for all of us 4200 users. Thanks for the awesome update. Bong on bro. :-)


Let’s get to 42,000 users.... then 4,200,000 .... then 4,2000,000,000 ...... I am pretty sure 1/2 the world now consumes Cannabis.

This is so awesome, i can't even...

@smokenetwork Thanks for the good news and updates...

This is so awesome. Thanks for update.

This is what they should be doing on Steemit as well! Bright idea!


They did ninja mine on Steem.


lol, they announced it on april fools day.. one very long winded april fools day joke still.. heh


Actually, I have no issues with ninja mining. It is part and parcel in the industry. Even more so Dan has a post on his Github blog which revolves around early mining (to circumvent possible SEC roadbumps).

At least he wears his colors on his sleeve. I appreciate that. LOL


Just kicking myself for not taking its announcement seriously & missing out on a whalestake on steemit 😓

Good news , thanks for update , keep up the good work team , bright smoke filled future ahead

this is a really good idea. the smoke team is doing a great job

Congratulations to for growing so fast.Many things to learn everyday, thank you, i am still here. KEEP ON HIGH BUT STAY CALM.

So advertisers have to buy SMOKE tokens to pay for ads? And that SMOKE is burnt up decreasing supply?

I don’t get it at all and how is this transparently recorded on chain.
Something odd to do on a decentralized network. Your post has quite a few typos also btw.


Something odd to do on a decentralized network. isn't -the- decentralized network, rather a portal granting access to the decentralized smoke network 👍


Thanks for explaining this to him, some people still don't know this. is more and better than but can be state as good example of busy, steemit, and so on.

4000 Unique Visitors per day is really great.
Thanks for update and let us know about the partnership with Mantis Ad Network.

This was amazing!!! Go power SMOKE!!! That was really nice and great news @smokenetwork.

Great to know about this

Мне очень нравится платформа Smoke!спасибо. Удачи команде Smoke и еще большего процветания. ДЫМ ура-ура.

4K unique visitors daily and only 4200 signups? Something isn’t right about that..


Sometimes people don't have the time to fully register when they first find a website, heck.. how many websites do you use as a lurker? Reddit, youtube, etc - anywhere you're not being rewarded it's likely a lot of users aren't registering. Gotta break this habit with new users 👍


Pareto applies also on traffic. Heck, most sites are happy with 80% only fly-by traffic or bounce rate.

I bet even Steemit has that rate given how strong it is on Google. And we all know that when there's an article which receives lots of live traffic, Google sends even more traffic in the next few days as it considers that credibility. Many have seen that happen when running Facebook campaigns.

Any site which can obtain a conversion higher than 5% is doing things right.

Yet, even in the 20 of 80/20 we I'll see the same split again. Eventually only 2-4% will be active contributors (posting and commenting) and the 16-18% will be lurking and maybe also curating. On a network like Smoke that will be great and dispensaries and (hardware) shops, makers will love such destination to promote their brand on. Love it much more than the fly-by traffic many huge Facebook groups send to cannabis sites they may now advertise on.

Smoke, as longtail social network, is very uniquely positioned. The earning aspect can only further improve its future potential. This is one token Netcoins wants to watch because this is a token which merchants may want to also HODL and not just use as a marketing tool to increase their audience reach.


Not completely sure - check how many days it’s been, and what this calculates to as a conversion rate %age, probably above avg

Personally I don't mind Ad's that promote the usage of Cannabis.
Good on Yah Smoke.Network !
" Resmoked "
saved my upsmoke because I saw your not accepting the rewards.

Great idea! Even with the big crypto losses around all crypto economy i have a lot of faith in this project.
How do you plan on burning the SMOKE purchased?