Over 142,000 Smoked blocks later. 🌱 An Update.

3 years ago

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

These first few days have been exciting! 🌱

Here at Smoke Network, We worked tirelessly to bring you our live mainnet and are extremely pleased with the Smoke Blockchain so far. As we approach 142,000 blocks mined (at the time of this post), it is safe to say there is no stopping us now! .. If you missed it, welcome to the party!

It has only been 5 days and we have already passed some major milestones:

  • There are almost 1000 Smoke accounts on the blockchain!
  • Over 13 million Smoke coins in circulation, powered up and receiving stake!
  • 34 witnesses producing blocks!
  • Over 250 Articles in the last 24 Hours and thousands of comments!

With every post, comment, and vote, you as a community remind us why we built this. ♥️

Witnesses are doing a fantastic job, and the community is thoughtfully voting in those who align with the ideals of the early community.

With 20 witnesses voted in and 14 on standby it is up to the community to monitor the witnesses and vote in those that most align with YOUR vision of what this blockchain should ultimately become.

To vote for your favorite witness go to: https://smoke.io/~witness

ICO Updates

Bitshares SMOKE (UIA Pre-Sale holders only)

If you purchased Smoke coins on the Bitshares DEX and hold Smoke UIA's please claim them to the main chain by following this link: https://claim.smoke.io/

Smoke Power (Total Vested Smoke) receives 15% of the yearly inflation and so the quicker you power up the more you will earn in the long run!

You can also read this tutorial by Smoke user, @jezsmith720: https://smoke.io/smokenetwork/@jezsmith720/claim-smoke-from-bitshares

Sold During Pre-SaleClaimedUnclaimed
13.4m SMOKE6,943,653 SMOKE6,456,347 SMOKE

Main ICO (ICO dashboard participants only)

If you have not already done so, please create a mainnet smoke account and then add your username into the dashboard or follow the instructions here: https://docs.smoke.io/#/icoclaim

Coins will be despatched manually once per week during an audit with @tokenget.
If you have added your username into the dashboard before Thursday, 27th September, you should notice the coins already in your Smoke wallet

Sold During ICODespatchedWaiting For Username
2.9m SMOKE2,489,095 SMOKE410,905 SMOKE

Smoke Airdrop Users

Please be patient as the Pre-Sale and ICO participants claim their coins. The airdrop will open up for claims at a later stage (TBA)

Please sign up for a mainnet account in the meantime and enjoy 4.2 free Smoke Power on us.

Content Guidelines & the Smoke Ambassador Programme

As cannabis gains mainstream acceptance Smoke will position itself as the go-to tool for cannabis-related social media, strain reviews, dispensary reviews, grow journals, peer-to-peer cannabis related transactions and high-quality cannabis related content.

We believe in the power content has to move the entire globe to accept cannabis users into society without the stigma attached. Toward that goal, we have created the Smoke.io Ambassador Programme which fosters content creators that strive to produce original writings that either informs, entertains, educated, expresses the truths about cannabis and the cannabis culture, and expresses themselves thoughtfully and inclusively.

To make the most of your Smoke Network account and to earn as much SMOKE as possible, as well as becoming illegible for the Smoke.io Ambassador Programme, following the content guidelines and going the extra mile with your content you post on the network is highly recommended.

READ THE CONTENT GUIDELINES HERE: https://docs.smoke.io/#/contentguidelines

What is the Smoke.io Ambassador Programme?

Be sure to follow this blog as information is coming soon.

UI Updates

Over the next few weeks you may notice some changes to the front-end design.

We notice the bugs, and issues brought forward in our github repo and are working hard to not only fix the issues but bring exciting upgrades over the coming months.

Learn how to contribute here:

API Updates & Tools

We are working extremely hard on a full RESTapi that will allow developers to easily build sites and services that use the Smoke blockchain.

A community tools page will be created soon in the docs featuring all the exciting tools and services our community has to offer.

We can't spoil all our secrets in one update so from all of us at Smoke Network, until the next update... Happy Smoking!

Get 4.2 Free Smoke Power On Sign Up To Start Your Journey On Smoke! The First Cannabis Community That Pays You To Post And Curate Content You Love..
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I have been waiting patiently for a platform where I don't have to be constantly worried that my content will be shunned and vilified. I was on YouTube for more than 4 years producing the same content and then one day I was terminated with no given explanation, got my channel back 2 months later, and then was terminated once again. But to now have a platform that embraces the content I create and gives me crypto in payment? Happy days! Thank you once again!


That's the exciting part more money ☺


Yes and the potential growth of this amazing platform!


I have never had that problem because I have always host my own content but my issue has been that Google ADs or other similar programs would drop you from earning revenue.

Strong work! Great stats. It's awesome to see so much growth already.

In five days!!
LOVE these stats!

There are almost 1000 Smoke accounts on the blockchain!
Over 13 million Smoke coins in circulation, powered up and receiving stake!
34 witnesses producing blocks!
Over 250 Articles in the last 24 Hours and thousands of comments!

Can't wait to see how the numbers change (and go UP) after one month!


Yeah..... It's gonna skyrocket!

This is amazing @smokenetwork Congratulations on hitting all milestones so far and bringing us a magnific product. I'll be starting to write some articles from today on. :)
Also already received the smoke from the ICO and powered up :)

Good update! Lots of exciting things coming in the near future for Smoke. Fingers crossed we'll see exchange trading of the mainnet coin soon, that's when I will claim the rest of my UIA Smoke. Until then I'll keep them on Bitshares and use what I have already claimed to support the community. :)

Great stats and progress so far, keep it up!

I already love the community here!

Good work Smoke Team!! Let’s continue with making the platform grow. Happy to hear work on the API docs.

Good stats, and that's just the beginning :)

This is a great start for smoke.
Am very sure the platfoam will produce a smoke that will cover the globe.

You guys are doing an exceedingly great job. Smoke.io can only get better. No one can stop this revolution, and I'm set to take this message to my hood.

peace on y'all, and keep smoking hot.

We are growing seriously and we still have a long way to go. If we can achieve this in just 5days. Damn! In a year, this is a boom 🎆. Let keep the party going. 💯

I so much believe in the power of smoke... 1000 accounts are laying the foundation for millions to come. The sky isnt the limit!


I like your attitude and your name anyway.
Sorry because my English is catastrophic.
Am I learning, are there already people from Germany or am I alone? (No1) :-)
I could definitely bring some very enthusiastic people here.
Which will appear in mass anyway.
Nice weekend

Nice we are making waves already, i congratulate the community for their efforts in reaching this milestone. The sky is our starting point, I will keep an eye to get more update. Thanks team

10,000 accounts coming soon.

Well done!

Congratulations, you're doing a super job :)

Hi guys we are doing a great job here but only 1000 accounts registered? I thought alone from the Telegram Chat that at least 5000 Users would sign up immediately. But I don't want to complain, great achievements guys keep up the good work!!!


I would have also expected more, but its the bear season and I see the top DApps

  • cryptokitties 414 users but got millions invested by VC's
  • Bancor, 357 users worth $84,856,535
  • Augur 29 users but worth $145,877,667 !!!!

Sometimes I wonder what is real? :D


Most erc-20 projects have no userbase meaning DPOS have for a long time and still are very under-rated and valued.

Without even getting me started on the advantages of our tech to theirs.


I know a few friendly people.
May you officially invite them?
It's a good thing.
Very educated people here.
I will get some knowledge here.
Very beautiful


Smoke is Real


I think we as a community need to do our part to spread the word about Smoke too. Marketing, marketing, marketing. That's what's missing IMO.


@kwest84 this is well said. We need to always promote the platform to give it the deserved visibility!


That's because many people just hunt for the airdrops. It's obvious that not everyone registered to smoke.io since many people in the chat were purely talking about "when airdrop claim" lol


Just wait for the airdrop users - many small minnows will join in december!

This is just the beginning. I predict a million users before the end Of The year


The MOoON is very close...just smoke and wait

Great, everything as I get my smoke from ico

It's all looking real good! I love the way you put the emphasis on words like your vision and inclusion, I truly feel you will be the balancing factor in this platform. Thank you for sparking it up, in all meanings of the term! Got all my $SMOKE vested and going to vest more, let's take this ship to the moon!

Yeah buddies! Excited to be a part of this and spreading the word to the masses. Amazing start, and a bright future ahead😤

Great stats and progress so far, keep it up!
And good information for new user @smokenetwork

As an early witness, I would like to see decentralized applications utilizing IPFS inside the blockchain. Large YouTubers like CustomGrow420 could find value in this chain's immutability, and censor-resistant (depends on flags/rewards) earnings.

Wow this a great start for smoke am very sure the platform will attain a great height

congratulations to the smoke team for making this long awaited dream a reality. My only regret is that I wasn't part of the ico, but I'm certain another opportunity of getting smoke will definitely show up.

There are almost 1000 Smoke accounts on the blockchain!

  • Over 13 million Smoke coins in circulation, powered up and receiving stake!
  • 34 witnesses producing blocks!
  • Over 250 Articles in the last 24 Hours and thousands of comments.

That's mind blowing figures right there. KUDOS.
It's of no doubt there gonna be huge flactuation in months , days or even hours to come. Hoping to see what the future holds.

amazing platform i love this community

Keep up the great work guys. I can see the effort you put into this and really hope it is going to workout for best for all of us.
All of us have a small role to play here, for the sake of better community.And I think you are doing yours.
I am thinking of starting a community server on discord, but I am somehow skeptical of peoples engagement. If anyone wants I can send them invite to check it out. It is still in beta as I have a lot of work in private life, but will try to put more attention to in in the upcoming days. As I am writing this message the server is still empty.
Kind regards,MM

I can't explain the kind of joy I have within for this platform and how I'll pull my friends in... Time will tell haha

Amazing stuff guys! Project is very well handled and executed. This platform has got me more excited that steem to be honest :)

The right platform for me! Really glad to be here, lets smoke!

Smoke Power (Total Vested Smoke) receives 15% of the yearly inflation and so the quicker you power up the more you will earn in the long run!

I will power up as soon as possible then .

Awesome Netcoins is trying to talk to someone at Smoke.io about getting listed on the Netcoins Exchange so that we can buy Smoke tokens at an ATM...

You can feel the freedom here.
Most people do not think I know what freedom means.
I wish everyone here a lot of success and a great time.
Thank you that I may be here.
Will not sell a token because I will support this platform with heart and hopefully at least create some added value.
I'm looking forward to cool people.
Have a nice Weekend

Amazing Guys! I think is a big start and together we can do more!

What is required to become a witness and how do I go about that? I'm very dedicated to the lifestyle that comes along with cannabis and I'm dedicated to growing the community in any way I can, crypto-based platforms being the ultimate coup de grâce to old methods.

Server Specs Req:?

Software Download?

Do I need to apply somehow/some way?

Is this a community-based decision on who becomes a witness?

Is there a maximum number of total witnesses?

I've had a lot going on in my life prior to the past week or so and with the release, I've been ever further behind.

Forgive my ignorance if this is all clearly stated somewhere, but I've been mentally and physically exhausted for the longest time and I've finally got a solid period of my life to dedicate to personal projects to grow and this is where I'd definitely like to begin!

Thanks in advance!

Peace and Love.


@howhigh this information is available in the @smokenetwork documentation. Here is the directly link on how to setup a witness with the SMOKE Network.


I hope this information is helpful and answers your question.

Wicked just reading up and what is happening and excellent job guys respect to you all :)

Smoke will be the crypto catalist it needs😂

this is very very very good i hope and i feel this platform will not do the same mistake as steemit did all of us knows about them and bid bots i wish smoke will be more stable and openwall to any kind of user Keep Smoke guys|Life is for Free!

Its just five days but we are already at the top, i so much believe in this platform. Thanks for the update team.

Looking good! Thanks for the update!

Thhis is good

An article full of explanations for me who just started on this Platform, maybe hoping more and more people will know this information

This is really educative

Fantastic. I have millions of photos I can share. You are free to use them with (c) @offgrid. .... so happy to finally be here on Smoke.io

@smokenetwork so the idea is to convert my SMOKE to power up and keep posting to earn a higher payout on my posted content later?

the beginnings of a fun future :)

Let's popular smoke network to the work.
It's like I'm using stimit but it's speed I just love it.
Thank you


Jerry..........is you high son?😂🤣


Hahah..cannot hold my laughs..one might say so




Fake account, watch out! Smoke up my friends.