1 Million Blocks... An Update! (Announcing The Smoke.io Cannasseur Programme)

2 years ago

Cartoon by @ladaural

As we approach block # 1 million, the community keeps on surprising us every day and we are proud to call all of you part of the Smoke fam. Keep on engaging, creating awesome content, and spreading the word about the Smoke Network!

Together we can create a safe space free from the corporations that seek to destroy our liberties and freedom in exchange for their own profits. For the first time, cannabis users have a place to create value together and grow as a community without worrying about their pages being shut down or content being removed, all the while pushing forward tolerance towards the plant and breaking the stereotype. To read the latest interview with the founder, @stoner check out the latest post by @jah.

Deploying The First Portion of the Reserve Fund

As per our original coin distribution 50% of our total supply where put up for sale during our main ICO. During the main public sale we sold 2,936,790 Smoke coins leaving 18,063,210 coins in our reserve. The terms of our ICO included that If the hardcap is not reached by the end of the sale all remaining SMOKE coins will be placed into a foundation trust whereby it will be distributed to new users that sign up to the Smoke.Network and add influence or value. This has been done in the form of the @reserve account.

There are many ways these coins can add value.

Some of the ways in which we plan to utilize this fund is to:

  • Funding Smoke.io and community projects with vests that aim to foster growth within the community.

  • Vest a portion to make sure we have a stake earning interest to fund future signup, roadmap goals and community endeavors.

  • To offer VC and large investors coins at the market rate via OTC trades. (If you are looking to purchase a large amount of stake in the network contact us at [email protected])

  • Bounties for development, exchange listings, and community tasks.

Today we are excited to deploy 2.1m SMOKE POWER that will be used to fund the Smoke.io Cannasseur Programme through the @cannasseur account and over the next few days will start to vest a portion of the @reserve SMOKE to fund future account signups and long-term roadmap goals.

As we approach block # 1 million we are proud to announce the Smoke.io Cannasseur Programme

The Smoke.io Cannasseur Programme aims to foster content creators that strive to produce original writings that either informs, entertains, educated, expresses the truths about cannabis and the cannabis culture, and expresses themselves thoughtfully and inclusively and strive to keep up with our content guidelines.

Only exceptional content creators that follow the Smoke.io content guidelines, as well as our strict content requirements, will be invited to join the programme by the Smoke.io team.

Percs of being a Smoke.io Cannasseur

  • Receive a 5 upvote from @cannasseur on all your posts

  • Be featured in our weekly newsletter and @cannasseur's featured weekly (Starting soon)

  • Receive an invite to the Cannasseurs Private Chat Group & events

  • Future percs of the Cannasseurs Programme

Content Requirements

  • Original content only (Must be strictly only posted on Smoke.io and not live anywhere else on the interwebs).

  • Consistent quality posts over 500 words in length.

  • All your content must be original, including all images and writing. Only use content you have the rights to, or explicit permission to post.

Do not post duplicate or truncated content and reference any quotes you have taken from elsewhere.

Cannabis related content matters

We all know most smoke.io users have one thing in common... Cannabis. Therefore the cannasseur programme is intended to encourage and reward content that aligns with the goals of the network and platform.

Write about topics you love and are passionate about that are interesting, on topic, and in-depth that the reader may find useful.

Content that is not related to cannabis or cannabis related lifestyle will not be illegible for inclusion. That includes content related to Smoke technology or the smoke.io website

Pro Tip: Come up with content ideas using Keyword research to identify topics that have a high chance of ranking in Google and getting large amounts of traffic and use browser extensions such as Grammarly to help pick-up grammar and formatting errors easily

Cheating the system

Users attempting to game the cannasseur programme will be subject to posts being flagged and stand to lose reputation on the platform.

Conduct as a cannasseur

Users that are invited to join the cannasseur programme must hold a strict code of conduct and must:

  • Advocate for the legalization of cannabis worldwide, promote tolerance and empower others through their words and images.

  • Must not use profanity or offensive language, including images for the purpose of shock or incitement.

  • Must not glorify, or downplay the potential abuse of drugs, violence, suffering, or law.

  • Must not bully, target or shame any person or company.

  • Must not review a business in any way that can be interpreted as inflammatory.

  • Must substantiate any evidence or resource provided with trusted sources.

If you violate these rules your account will be removed from the cannasseur programme and will not be illegible again


If you find a user that is part of the Smoke.io Cannasseur Programme, violating these rules please report them by commenting on @cannasseur's latest post (or this post).

A reminder to Curators

A big part of the success of the Smoke Network and it's products is up to community curators and anyone can become a curator by simply spending some time looking for great content to upvote. If the majority acts responsibly, keeping the content focused on the core goals set by the development team Smoke.io has the potential to become the go-to place for exciting cannabis-related news and content.

To make the most of your Smoke Network account and to earn as much SMOKE as possible, follow the curation guidelines set out in our docs.

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Oh this is wonderful!!
I definitely want to be involved!

Taking notes on this!


Funnily enough, you are at the top of our list to be added to the programme.


This entire post made me smile HUGE on this gloomy Sunday morning. I keep scrolling through looking for how to sign up, get involved... lol


No need to sign up for this one..

Just keep doing your thing, we watching ;)


When I read the post, you was the first I thought of with the great content!


Thank you!!! I so appreciate your support and words!
I had a few that came to mind also... this is going to be just...AWESOME!


Feel free to make some suggestions... it's gonna be pretty tough to make the cut tho.



were the first that came to my mind


All great choices! :) Glad you've got it! Knew you most likely would, your content is amazing!


THANK YOU!!!! It is an honor to be thought of in this way.


Congratulations, your posts are of great quality and you deserve to be there. Ahh and Thanks for remembering us :)


You deserve it! Congrats ahead! 🤩


Thank you!!!!


Congratulations 🎊 @goldendawne, you deserve better our smoke queen 👑. 😎😅


You are here also!!! LOL
I like this platform! Very tough!

Thanks for sharing the news. I am looking forward to an update with the number of the accounts and the engagements.

Thank you!

This are great news and a great project. I specifically like this part:

Original content only (Must be strictly only posted on Smoke.io and not live anywhere else on the interwebs).

I believe this program can bring more users to the platform with exclusive articles.
I participated in the ICO and in the airdrop and was here since before that and one thing that i liked the most is that the team behind smoke project knows what they are doing and where they are going thats why i invested and also why i believe this platform will be a sucess!

Thank you team!


You have my vote of confidence. Your never ending campaign to free the weed in Texas is inspiring. I am watching closely for tips for Australia!

This is great very exciting!

Thanks for the update. Will keep an eye, the smoke.io Cannasseur Programme sounds amazing.

Now I know how much a full @indica vote is! 1,601 SMOKE! WOW! ;)


Lol great observation. Didn't even notice this ;)


Lol, nice catch @HowHigh 😂😂

I'm interested to be a part of this.

Hey @smokenetwork, sounds like a great initiative. One thing I noticed is that it seems you've used the word "illegible" when you meant "eligible." Threw me off a bit until I was able to get the meaning from context :)

If we can achieve this in just a month, I am wondering what our mansion in the moon will look.

              . 🏌️‍♂️

That is smoke shooting to the moon. Like I always said, good project deserve the best, I know with time everything will fall in place. Even though we as members need to work hard to bring this to greater high. Things like this don't only need a team, it need members too and this is why we have some guardians looking around the blocks to fish out manipulators. Only if we can sleep and dream the same then we probably might wake up to set for the goals . I hope somebody understand this?.
And thank to the team for coming up with the @cannasseur thing, this will also goes along way to help the project. Thanks to @stoner for being a great man for all of us. Love you mehn! (no homo).

One love to all members. 😎✨

Wow this sounds like an exciting program!

Thanks for the precious Information
Smoke on

Hey, thanks for using my art n.n also, I will join this project. I'm in love with this community. :)!


Love your art!

I would love to be part of this project.

I speak for my team.. we are ready to go all in!! All the guidelines sound on point with my expectation of a quality cannasseur! Steadfast!

I would have loved to have been a part of this, but unfortunately, I curse quite often at times... lol. Beyond that, cannabis is not fully legal here, so I feel that my content would be highly limited in what value I could provide, unfortuntately as well. Maybe in the future things could be different.

I think this will be very beneficial for smoke! It will keep things on the platform as they should be and provide good help to content creators!

What a awesome program. I have only been on smoke.io for a couple of weeks now and I can tell already how different smoke.io is to other platforms. The acceptance of new members by everyone is second to none in my opinion and my overall experience has been fun. So keep going with the development of smoke.io because your doing an outstanding job, thank you and bong on bro. :-)

Thank you very much for the transparency @smokenetwork I absolutely love the concept of the @reserve account and how you intend on using those coins. I do hope more people starts to use this platform.

Lets hold an end of year celebration based on the success reached.

1 Million Blocks!

Now that's what I call progress! Great news!

Thanks for the heads up about curation guidelines.
Minimum 500 words
minimum 1 picture every 500 words
Use only Original Content.
Do no harm to others
Be Creative.

That's a wonderful initiative and would love to be part and grab the perks...

Thanks for giving us a platform where we can unite and share ideas in the spirit of unity.. Smoke to the moon. BTW a rather high standard to raise the level of quality by posters, I am sure with such standard smoke will be the goto for anything cannabis.

Kudos to the team.

This is a wonderful initiative to bring the best in us to create more good quality content! Thank you for this and I hope I will be your cannasseur one day.

Every day I'm getting excited more and more on this blockchain. The community is great and I believe the future is bright. Weed will be legalized worldwide and crypto is taking over. Smoke.io is a perfect place to be :)


This is great & wonderful NEWS for us all! I hope to take part in this but, I guess I don't have enough support yet. Congratulations to all that have made it on the list so far. I will keep posting my stuff & hope to be their one day soon. #PeaceLoveCannabis

Fantastic.... congratulations. I am sharing Everywhere . I went looking for a Smoke.io Group on Facebook and could not find one so I made One.... http://www.facebook.com/groups/smoke.io


@offgrid can i use this picture in my post


Sure.... just say Artwork by @offgrid


Wow! this sounds way promising!

This sets a solid base for encouraging original content. One thing I was confused with, it says a "5 upvote". Does that mean an upvote worth 5 smoke in value? Another thing the post says "all posts" from the creators will be upvoted. That may be a bit troublesome as rpc nodes go down and posts get missed.

I am very glad to give you this update news. Hopefully everyone will read the post well and understand this post, then you can work well on the smoke.io

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This is GOOD.

I also would love to be considered. I look forward to reading the future posts!