Rudex Buy and sell smoke guide

8 months ago

Tricky kinda exchange

I have been told many many times that bitshares exchange is hard to trade on and is confusiing, Well I am going to try to explain in the guide how to set a buy and a sell for smoke. If you are looking to depsoit and withdraw smoke please use this guide here.

Do you have an account on rudex/bitshares if not sign up here I will post the same sign up info I did on my last post in case you wanna red this post first.

1.) This first thing you are gonna wanna do is go and sign up for an account if you do not already have a rudex or bitshares account.

1. a) First thing to do is click create new account


1. b ) Second thing to do it SAVE this password in a manager like lastpass and write this shit down as well.rudex2.PNG

1. c ) After this i never went on but you can comment if you need help with sign up after this point.

Your signed up for a rudex account you can fund it with bitshares or any other crypto like bitcoin,steem,dash, but to buy and sell smoke you will need bitshares.


I am now gonna show you how to fund your account with blocktrades to get BTS from bitcoin,dash,steem,etherum,litecoin,doge.

For this you do not need to open an account but you should to make things easier and saved transaction history. To sign up it is easy you just head over to fill out the information then confirm the email and you are ready to trade.



After you sign up and confirm your email you can sign in and then make a trade with any of these cryptos.

I am gonna use steem for this cause it is the easiest for me to use so i will click steem in the first box and then BTS in the second box.


Once you have put in the amount you want and this does not have to be right on they will adjust it if you send more or less. You then go over and put your RUDEX/BITSHARES account name in the spot that says BITSHARES account name. MAKE SURE THIS IS RIGHT IT IS NOT REVERSIBLE


If you enter your right name or at least a right name for bitshares it will tell you it is valid.

click on get deposit address to get the blocktrades memo for steem or crypto address for another crypto. This memo needs to be right or you will not get your bitshares.


Head over to you steem account or crypto wallet and send over the trasaction make sure address is right and fill out the transfer like this.


When it is all done it will then auto send right in to your Bitshares account


Alright now we got our selfs some Bitshares we can now go a head and start to set some buy orders for smoke on so we can POWER UP that awesome smoke power.

Firsts thing I am gonna do is show you what side is buy and sell this exchange can be very unforgiving to many people including my self in the past.


This is the buy and sell meaning buy and sell bitshares so if you want to make a buy order meaning you want to buy smoke you will use this side and place an order.


To place an order to buy and you want to not buy at highest selling point and you want to make an order you will get yoour price from here


So right now you can see the lowest price is .5000 bitshares we will not want to pick one higher then that like .51 bitshares


Here is what the buy side will look like then you want to place your buy order.

After this you will want to click buy then you will confirm your guy order and wait it out.

Next step is when you want to just come in and buy some smoke and not worry what the price is

For this step you are gonna do the same thing but your gonna look at this chart to find your buying price.


Here you can see the lowest offered price is 0.98 bitshres per smoke so we will head over to the buy chart again and will we enter it like this


when your done clikc buy and confirm to buy your smoke at asking price.

That is my step by step on buying smoke with bitshares in this next part i will show you how to sell smoke on @rudex.

To start you will want to make sure you have liquid smoke on rudex exchange.

2.a You should follow this account so you know it is the right one your sending the smoke to.
2.b Once you are signed in to rudex you will go over to the right hand side and click deposit/withdraw you will then be brought to a screen that lets you pick gateway and coins. rudex3You will then click on the coin drop down and click on smoke

Once you get this screen you will click copy address and move over to and go to wallet
rudex5 Once you are at the wallet page you will go down to smoke and click on it to bring up rudex6Then you will click on transfer and it will bring up rudex7 On this screen you will put in rudex or copy the address from the rudex exchange page and you will enter the amount of smoke you wanna smoke over to rudex exchange. Now the last step here is the memo THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PROCESS IT LETS THE EXCHANGE KNOW WHO SENT THE SMOKE SO IT CAN FUND THE RIGHT BITSHARES WALLET.
This is what the transfer page should look like before you EVER click send. After you make sure the info is right you can click send and it will bring up screen for your master password enter this and click OK it will then send you transaction to rudex.
We can verify that by going to the @rudex account right here on smoke.

Got your self some liquid smoke to sell over on the exchange now i will show you how to set the sell order.

First thing your gonna wanna go is again check this column and see what price you want to sell for if your looking to just quick sell then you will use this one.

you are now gonna just click the the lowest order or enter the sell amount and your sell box will look like this


Now if your looking to just sell smoke and wait for the highest price you can then you will want to use this colum to get your price


We can see that the highest price is 0.98 so lets sell out smoke just under that price.


Now we can click sell and confirm and we will now have the lowest price for smoke on the market.

#From here you have now learned how to buy and sell smoke on the @rudex exchange you can follow this post on how you withdraw and deposit on to the @rudex exchange.

Remember to go up vote witness and read who all the witness are and you can read what they do here

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If you already have a bitshares account, you can login it with Rudex.

Oh snap! That's a long and tedious looking process.. i think I'll just keep my Smoke here for now and support the process of growing the community! Thanks for putting this all together though @skylinebuds

can't wait to see smoke on the traditional crypto exchanges!

This is interesting. But i'm somewhat lost here. The process of buying smoke is quite tedious.


This is the same with all exchanges. I have just broke it down step by step

Awesome .... this is very helpful.

Wow, you really took your time to explain this. Was thinking rudex and bitshares where the same but this post made me understand a lot. Good job keep smoking


Thanks i wanted to do as depth as i could cause i know bitshares can be tricky to understand.

I was just looking at this exchange. It resembles bts a lot, it was a bit more confusing to find the coins, as I had to click on the coin's name to pop up the search bar.

Good job on the tutorial, hope this helps new people joining.


It is a gateway like openledger and cryptobridge to the bts exchange.
It is built on top bts so you need bts to trade.

Nice job, sometimes we forget the intricacy of the process after we have done it a few times. Great help for beginners!


Thanks. Yeah i remember the days i had no clue and lost. So i hope to show people it is not to confusing

Very well explained. upsmoked & resmoke
mention this post of your's in my post about ruDEX.
I have been a Grower for 25 years.

Wow ... Nice one

DAMN that spread is bad! The market hasn't even started to gain liquidity yet- gonna just power up my Smoke until we get some other exchanges on board :-D


Yeah still very early and no one is really pushing for price right now