Alcohol, Mario, Exotic Cartridges, and Cryptocurrency

7 days ago

In this session video, we have a returning guest Darren. Always a pleasure to have him on the channel. We talk about many things in this video so I hope you guys have a fat blunt, joint, or bowl ready. We talk about alcohol and why it is (imo) the worst drug of all. We talk about the rise of fake cartridges, specifically Mario & Exotic cartridges because they seem to be the most popular and abundant. And we also talk about cryptocurrrency which Darren is quite knowledgeable in, more so when not high as fuck.

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Epic, i admire your videos a lot, you can join our official discord smoke group let's have a chat. Will need your help for a promo-smoke with Mr fuzzy


Yes, do this! Mr Fuzzy would be really happy to meet you I heard also!
Great points on alcohol, reminds me how terrible it makes you feel ...

What I know - Alcohol is harmful for health according to experts. Which causes various kinds of diseases in the body. Everything other than alcohol is not harmful to health.


Alcohol kills the most out of all drugs and no one seems to care because it's legal.

Two comments? Damn people don't know what curating is. It's funny to note that big banks bought bitcoin and flipped it for profit. You looked baked in this video, good stuff. I'd suggest not havin your keys on you. Sitting there smoking is a D.U.I. in California. Fucking laws haha....


Thanks for looking out. I always forget haha.