#2 Art Promotional Design (Smoke Network)

3 years ago

Hello, Friends!

It's all about promoting smoke.io. Smoke Network is a social network for cannabis users on blockchain and @powerpics released art promotional contest which I released my first design on whaleshares and smoke graphene platform. Check them out....

Here is my second submission to support the smoke network promotion.






Let's get smoke.io to the cannabis in the world.... Smoke, Get Paid, Repeat.

All the images are scaled of 750 x 750 using PicsArt and Mirror Lab App.

Same Post on steemit & Whaleshares

Disclaimer: Until the declaration of the winner, the license Is reserved.

Thank you... Smoke, Get Paid and Repeat


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Damn! This is a great artwrok here Bro, most especially the second to the last one. The reflection of those words in da water make me love that.


Thanks man.

Thanks! Appreciate this. Happy Sunday.


Thanks for your comment