My Entry Into PowerPics Promotional art Contest.

3 years ago

I don't why I am in love with artwork but the connection is so tight, even though I am not a pro in this game. But hearing about it always make me bounce and come back a life.

One thing I knew is that,. Every work on earth require art. And to have an art available in your work require common sense. If you lack this, people might call it "not been neat or something else" but I'd say "Art is not present here".

Thanks to Powerpics for this great contest , and here are some of my entry while I will go and be busy with the last image.



Tell me if this look good and if there is anything I need to improve on. Thanks for your time.


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Thats doooope i needs a props4crops lid of some sort. Its winter here now i need a skully:))


Lol, seriously I wish I can do something about distance I would have plan of making it plenty with different names. 😅

Brother that artwork really looks great I think you should give artwork a try Nice one bro.


Damn! Crypto do take a lot of my time. Lol, I can only be doing it once in a while like this, can't go into it full time. 😀

Yo buddy. Good luck with the competition.
Remember you dont have to be a pro! just enjoy the process and you will see the end results will be better than what you expected.
Sending some luck your way :)


Wow wow! Thanks for the encouragement words brother. I so much appreciate this. 🎉

Nice one bro...

I really like the Cap... maybe you will have to make one for me too :)... hehe


I am only hoping it won't drop on your head soon. Panda 🐼 landed here. Hehe he... 😂

Awesome hat! I need one of those :)


Thanks brother, it's look awesome and am loving it too. 👲