🔥 SUPPORT CHALLENGE: Help get SMOKE listed on CryptalDash! ~ Earn CANNABIT Reward Tokens

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It's time to RALLY the VOTES!

Time is of the essence... Smoke Network has entered the SMOKE token into this week's listing contest on CryptalDash. The countdown is on and we have about 6 days left to get our votes in to make this happen.

Here's How it Works...

Please follow the guidelines to make sure our efforts are coordinated.

1 ) Go to https://www.cryptaldash.com/new-coin-listing/smoke

2 ) Login (or Create an Account if you don't have one) and help SMOKE gets the votes required to get listed by using the Social Share and Social Follow actions provided. You must do the action directly from the buttons for it to count towards the vote total, just tweeting on your own will not give SMOKE any votes.

3 ) Reply to this post with 'proof of participation'. (PoP)

  • Please drop a screenshot showing your share and follow actions.
    (a screen shot of the action buttons seems to be the easiest way to prove 'vote action' since they 'grey out' as you complete them.) Thank you @chiraagnd for noting that.
  • Make sure to put your Bitshares account name in the reply as well.

Example PoP:

BTS: your-bts-address

Please RESMOKE this post to increase participation and maximize our promotional efforts as a group. You are not competing against others in the challenge, the more people who participate, the more we all win.

🏅 Challenge Rewards

All entries must be submitted before this post pays out. You will need a Bitshares account to receive any rewards.

You will receive 20 CANNABIT tokens for each different social media platform share and for each social media platform follow action you do to get votes for SMOKE.

There are 6 Social Share actions and 8 Social Follow actions available, giving you a chance to earn up to 280 CANNABIT Reward Tokens if you do all 14 vote actions.

What are CANNABIT Reward Tokens?

CANNABIT are cross-chain tokens that give their holders the power to summon an upvote from the @PowerPics account to any posts of their choice. This account is backed by a minimum of 100,000 Smoke Power and currently gives a 42 SMOKE upvote. These tokens are only given to people who Participate in Challenges, Win Contests and do other things of value for the community!

CANNABIT tokens are a User-Issued Asset on the Bitshares DEX! So make sure you have a BitShares account to receive and send them for upvotes on your Smoke posts!


for Helping to Promote and Support Smoke.io!

~ @PowerPics


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Nice :) Did everything but for linkden and facebook share and linkden follow. Not sure how to post screenshots of all of them. Here's a pic of my cryptaldash tasks completed. Please let me know how I can verify I completed the tasks. CheersCapture.JPG

bts username- chiraag-nd



Bts: thatguyrex1t


That works even better! I didn't pay attention that it 'greyed' out the ones we complete. Thanks! I will update the post to make it easier on everyone.


Glad I was helpful :)


BTS User name : ivan404

Done ... Here is my PoP. We are now # 1

Bitshares = Offgrid-Life


  ·  last year

Proof Of Participation

Bts: uno1


bitshares: pfzzz

Fact! performed on all networks.
Bts username: green-der-spain



Hope that smoke will be listed on top 10 sites

hello @powerpics here is mine

twitter and reddit


Screenshot (284).png

Screenshot (283).png

Screenshot (280).png

Screenshot (282).png

Bitshare: happy7

Excellent.... trying to get my account verified now. Do I need to be on a Desktop ? Resmoked....


the site does not support mobile view


Had to go dig up an old Desk Top I had in Storage.


it's worth it, making smoke no 1 in this contest is very important


Not sure, I'm not on mobile for it ;-)

Proof of Participation

bts name- four2zero

This is very exciting. I never used a reward token before! The task was a simple one.

BTS ch33ch

Did my own bit...

Screenshot (1626).png

Screenshot (1626).jpg

Bitshares: chmzpdh2018

Voted! We are starting strong!
I made a post to encourage more to do the same!
Tweet: https://twitter.com/cryptofreeedoom/status/1060981605643169792?s=19
BTS: altcoin-jesus
Just noticed it didn't grey out the bottom ones, but I followed everywhere too.

Proof of Work for everything except FAKE BOOK!

bts: muggle666

Boom! Smoke to the Masses! Challenge complete. 10 out of 14 engaged.

bts address smoker-z

We are currently in first place by 1050 points!
BTS: mary-jane

So cool you do this to motivate people even more. I actually just found out and done some as I don't have all the acconts. Cheers! :)

bts : wy-bynd-pdth

All done
my bitshares - anonimous-09

2018-11-10_19-13_Coin Listing - CryptalDash.jpg

bts: prinsj89

I am absolutely loving all the support from the Smoke.io community. I also wrote a post yesterday to get more people aware of the competition. I really hope we win this listing. Gingers crossed ;)

Bitshares: mb666