🏆 Social Media Smoke Out! ~ Challenge Results

2 years ago


WOW, This Community Really Rallies Together!
I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge to help promote the Smoke.io platform across their social media networks. We all know the up-hill battle the cannabis industry faces against censorship on traditional centralized services. Joining efforts like these helps push back against that censorship.

Also, another big round of thanks to everyone who created the promotional artwork for us to use in this challenge.

Challenge Stats

30 Participants Helped in this Initiative
75 Individual Posts Shared
14 Different Social Media Services targeted.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Reddit, Telegram, Medium, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Weku, Whaleshares, Steemit, as well as 2 personal blog pages.
Most Targeted: Twitter
Most Shared Art: @haze

🏆 The Participants and Rewards

I offered 20 CANNABIT tokens for each unique social media platform a person promoted on.

@mbj (100 CANNABIT)
LinkedIn, Reddit, Medium, Weku, Whaleshares

@smokebuysell (100 CANNABIT)
Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, Steemit

@cannabiskings (100 CANNABIT)
Facebook, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter

@offgrid (80 CANNABIT)
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Steemit

@chipanda (80 CANNABIT)
Twitter, Minds, Whaleshares, Weku

@mermaidvampire (80 CANNABIT)
Facebook, Twitter, Whaleshares, Steemit

@ladaural (80 CANNABIT)
WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

@sandrag89 (80 CANNABIT)
Medium, Reddit, Weku, Twitter

@dargonx0x (80 CANNABIT)
Blog, LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook

@smokeasaurusrex (80 CANNABIT)
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whaleshares

@vidafitnessfeliz (60 CANNABIT)
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

@zephalexia (60 CANNABIT)
Reddit, Twitter, Instagram

@maryjane (60 CANNABIT)
Facebook, Twitter, Whaleshares

@khenbee (60 CANNABIT)
Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

@jessica (40 CANNABIT)
Twitter, Whatsapp

@pawanregmi28 (40 CANNABIT)
Twitter, Reddit

@dargonx0x (40 CANNABIT)
Instagram, Twitter

@lawlai (20 CANNABIT)

@li-art (20 CANNABIT)

@therealdesmond (20 CANNABIT)

@planetmarketers (20 CANNABIT)

@ivan (20 CANNABIT)

@coffeebuds (20 CANNABIT)

@futureeternal (20 CANNABIT)

@ganjaman (20 CANNABIT)

@pacolimited (20 CANNABIT)

@kayceefresh (20 CANNABIT)

@jyzaza (20 CANNABIT)

@poetryinaction (20 CANNABIT)

@chiplus (20 CANNABIT)

What are CANNABIT Reward Tokens?

CANNABIT are cross-chain tokens that give their holders the power to summon an upvote from the @PowerPics account to any posts of their choice. This account is backed by a minimum of 100,000 Smoke Power and currently gives a 42 SMOKE upvote. These tokens are only given to people who Participate in Challenges, Win Contests and do other things of value for the community!

CANNABIT tokens are a User-Issued Asset on the Bitshares DEX! So make sure you have a BitShares account to receive and send them for upvotes on your Smoke posts!

Thank you again!

To everyone who participated and/or gave feedback to support the entries.

I will distribute the CANNABIT tokens today directly to the winner's Bitshares accounts. You will be able to use them to upvote any posts you want on Smoke.io.

~ @PowerPics


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thanks much @powerpics ❤️

Thank you @PowerPics for your contest. im looking forward for another contest.


You're welcome. Got lot's more community engagement challenges on the way.

Thank you so much, this will be my first cannabits! ^_^


You're very welcome. Thanks for your help supporting Smoke.io :-)

Thank you @powerpics
Seeing my name on winner list or any kind of reward list is always been so fun for me.
smoke on


:-) Thanks for your help getting the word out.


How can I use my cannabit token?

Thank you for making these challenges that the soul

giphy (6).gif


You're Welcome I am happy to do my part to help make Smoke.io a success.

Thank you for helping spread the message ;)

Thanks for engaging the community, keep up the good work @powerpics.


Doing what I can, and thanks for continuing the twitter promotion effort on your end.

I love all this kind of activities! Thanks <3

Thank you very much for the 100 CANNABIT tokens. They will really help get my posts more upvotes. Great initiative btw :)


You're welcome, Thank you for helping to promote the platform. ;-)

Thanks @powerpics

this really helps in spreading the awesomeness of smoke


You're welcome - thanks for all the great artwork.



You Earned Them! Thank you for helping spread the word about Smoke.io across the interwebs :-)

Wow your a witness over here as well! Cool!

So much to catch up on and super load of stuff to learn with all these sites popping up fast!!


Hey Red. Yeah, we will see most traditional sites making the migration to blockchain and/or crypto tokenization over the next few years. The wheels have been set in motion.

Great initiative my friend! Glad to see so many smokers spreading out word about our blockchain! <3


Indeed. I love how active the Smoke Community is, it's great to see.

Hi, can you please tell me how will I know if I received the prizes? I am very new to Bitshares.


Sure, check your wallet here...


Thank you very much for the link and for the tokens :)
Looking forward to using my 100 CANNABIT tokens them very soon!

Thank a lot @PowerPics.


You're welcome :-) and thanks for helping get the word out.

Project-Atlas is currently promoting Smoke on the Twitter Hash Tag #CanSmoke if anyone wants to visit us √

Promo Design made by me!


AWESOME! Great to see.

hi there @powerpics thank you for the 120 cannabit, i've just checked my BTS account, so many thanks to you and more power!

Hey @powerpics! I'm new on here and you seem to already have an established audience.

I'm wondering if and how you would be able to help me out in getting the word out about the Blazin' meme Contest out there.

The main goal of the contest is to promote Smoke.io on other social media through sharing the memes users make, elsewhere online.

But it seems to be hard to get exposure for it.

Have you got any tips and tricks for me? How can I get the word about this out there and people interested?

thanks in advance!