Promotional Art (Source Photo by @EveUncovered)

3 years ago


You know I couldn't resist...

If you've been following me in the past, on Steemit or Whaleshares, you know I am totally into creating promotional graphics for the different partner projects the Beyond Bitcoin community represents. Even when I'm running the contests myself I usually create a few to share with everyone.

Today I came across @EveUncovered's newest post, I Feel Blue, where she shows of some of her incredible self-portrait photography skills with a set of smokey blue body silhouettes. Eve has a knack for self-portraits and has a very unique style in her work.

I immediately thought it would be cool to see them as the subject for a few promotional graphics since using a person/body would offer a different spin on the theme, but she mentioned design is not her strong-point and gave me permission to have a go at it myself. (Thank you Eve.)

I selected the third photo from the set (shown below) to work with since it had the best composition to portray the message.

Going Green

To match the Smoke Network and Cannabis theme, I switched the color to green and added in the logo, text and layered design elements. The idea was to capture the 'Repeat' element in the photos by offsetting multiple instances of the photo.

I created 3 variations of the design from Eve's photo.



Note: My designs are just for fun and not competing against the official contest entries submitted by the community.

Hope everyone likes them. :-)

Let me know what you think in the comments.

~ @PowerPics


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Wow, that came out really cool! I'm glad I let you use my photo, I could have never come up with anything like this!


Thank you Eve :-) I am super happy your like them.

Awesome .. am inspired .. I will work on the picture too and see what I can come up with . Good job !


Be sure to check with Eve first. She is protective of her photography and I did get permission first. :-)

Who would have ever thought a half-naked lady would make a great promo pic? Nice choice and nice edit off of the original as well.

Awwww!!! This is amazing, am in love with the third design.

using it as my wallpaper😎😎


Thanks Jess!

Wow, its really amazing - so much in just an image, all images are so lovely - well we all know you have a knack for that - even who doesn't don't need to - the name IS POWER PICS MAN. lol what do you expect 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃


LOL - Thanks Marshall, I appreciate that. :-)


Sure welcome.

@powerpics you're gifted when it come to designing, hoping to be like you on this brother. 🙂

awesome job!

Your design were lovely and also showcase the smoke platform


This is really cool @powerpics. I really like what you did with Eve's pix (esp. #2) and the whole manner in which this unfolded from your interaction on her blog. I notice the noble payment decline too :)