🔥 Introducing the CANNABIT Reward Token

3 years ago

Community Support Token for Smoke.io

I am happy to introduce the CANNABIT Reward Token, the first of its kind here on Smoke.io!

What is it?

CANNABIT is a User Issued Asset (UIA), or "token", created on the Bitshares DEX. This token will be given out to members of the Smoke Network community for participating in contests, promotional & marketing challenges, and other initiatives designed to create interest and awareness in the Smoke Network's mission and industry platforms.

Why do you want them?

When you earn CANNABIT tokens for participating in various initiatives, you can then use them to summon a rewarding vote from my @PowerPics account to any post of your choice on the Smoke.io platform. You could reward your own post or even someone else's.

This account will remain powered up with at least 100,000 Smoke Power to back the CANNABIT reward token vote and will grow over time as I reinvest a portion of my post earnings and Witness rewards into Smoke Power.

How is it used?

To use CANNABIT tokens and earn a reward vote, you simply send the token via the Bitshares DEX with the post url in the memo as shown below.

Send any amount of CANNABIT tokens (up to 100) to powerpics, where 1 CANNABIT token equals a 1% vote from my @PowerPics account. To get a full 100% vote you would send 100 CANNABIT tokens.

👍 The process is automated and your should see the reward vote applied to the post within 90 seconds of the transaction being confirmed.

Be sure to copy/paste in the Smoke.io post URL you want to reward. If the memo is invalid or the post is within 12 hours of payout, the vote will not be applied and the tokens will be lost.

How can you get them?

I will be starting the first CANNABIT sponsored contest this week, and will run a new initiative every week. I will have a wide range of opportunities to make sure everyone has a chance to participate at some point including: promotional artwork, photography, twitter outreach, creative content challenges, and more.

Be sure to follow me on Smoke and be on the lookout for the announcement post.

Thank you for your support!

~ @PowerPics


✅ If you are happy with the work I do to support the Smoke Network Community, please take a minute to jump over to the Witness Page and cast your vote for me. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to my username "powerpicswitness" and use your private active key to lock in your vote.

While you're there, please consider voting for the other SUPER AWESOME Smoke Community Team members you know and trust. Remember, witnesses are the "Guardians" of the blockchain.

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Wow, this is cool. Have seen amazing stuffs like this on whaleshares and am happy you are bringing it down here. Keep up the good work.


Whale of various token


I have never used Waleshares. What is the web address? What kind of site is it exactly?

On the steemit I'm doing promo work and I like this idea of rewarding promotion activities


Yep, it helps drive participation and involvement. :-) I will get the first contest rolling later today.

Glad you finally launched a token here on smoke.io

I followed you for your promotional contest as promoting the smoke network is one of my mission here too.


Yep, hopefully I can generate the same level of participation with the tokens like we do on Whaleshares and other support initiatives here on Smoke.

Extraordinary News


Hey Feliz... let's get the community fired up!

That is a great way to get people involved in promoting Smoke! I look forward to the contests


Thank you, hopefully we will see a lot of participation from the community.

I don't agree with you on many topics, but I still can recognize and salute a positive contribution to the network when I see one. ;) Great Work.


I appreciate that, thank you. :-)

Cool, smoke keeps surprising me

Just upvoted you as a witness. You are currently number 2. :)

Nice development hope we can still buy some of the tokens on Bitshare dex. Or it's only for contest and give aways


The token will be rewarded for contests and challenges, it's not something that starts as a token to buy :-)

VERY cool!

Much welcome development...looking forward to every competition 🤗🤗

Wow... That's would be great.

Whaleshares in steemit and now Cannabit in smoke. Looks awesome

This is interesting and good way to reward 10000+ of cannabis with one single account. Cool one @powerpics

Great news, now we can smoke so easy and get smoky rewarded 😍


Wow! This is another milestone achievement on the smoke platform.

Keep up the good works

Says I can't send since I have no BTS to pay the Fee ...?? How do I get BTS to pay the Fee ? Can I send you some Steem on Steemit for BTS (offgrid-life) ? We can't use Cannabits unless we have Bitshares to pay for the Fee of each Transaction ??

Great initiative @powerpics I will be supporting it :)

WoW! This is really great news for everyone here, I look forward to entering your contests! Thanks for the Smoke support, much appreciated @powerpics

Oh I am hopeless at these transferring cryptocurrency things. sigh
When there was the byteball drop on steemit... it took me two days (and with the help of another steemian) to help me claim my free byteballs.

Really interesting. Great stuff @Powerpics

Great stuff! You're Smokin' it! LOL. I will keep an eye out for your future posts on this, also the contests...love it!

Wow that's a really cool idea. I never thought smoke network could work like that awesome man, keep up the hard work. love it.

Freakin good name man!!

OooO nice! I want some Cannnabits :)

Very good this is exciting! It amazes me how fast smoke is growing I think we have a very good thing here.

Woow amazing post

I am looking forward to seeing your contests and reward system.

And this is awesome! Thank you.

Voted for you :)

I look forward to participating in your contests.

This is awesome! I'd like to roll up and blaze some Cannbits soon! Woot Woot!

Looking forward to it all powerpics :D

This is really an amazing initiative... So great to see you bring this awesome initiative to smoke...

Great news, many amazing stuff are unfolding

Awesome man, looking forward and following

Goodness i found this post

I just join and learn from smokeian and my first post link - https://smoke.io/@yash0108

that's cool!I follow

This is so great @PowerPics, more good people like you are needed on this platform. Thank you for all the support for the network. More fun boss. Keep the smoke high.

Good stuff! Couldnt wait for this. You the man, man😤