BREAKING THE SILENCE OF A GOAT [email protected] high Abuse Report

2 years ago

Hello to Smoke Network admins,
Because I was mentioned by @howhigh as a suspected dummy account in her comments to @indaymers's post, I am sending to the admin of Smoke Network the photo of my account with login to my @lawlai account as proof of being human..


DEAR @howhigh,
Now i change the picture, what else you need? I am @lawlai,no multi account and i hope you are satisfied now! Where is yours?may i see yours please?Show me Maam/Sir. What is your basis that this is not my account?Why you are suspected me like that?Why you don't allow me to earn a little amount to help me from poverty? DO you know how i put myself in danger just to earned to tackle poverty?I don't like asking help to others and this is one way i want to earn from a good money. Since i was joining steemit 10months ago, i learned a lot of thing to earned aside from working being a goat KEEPER. It is so hard work and sometimes i almost surrender because i have a pain in my knee. I am a grandmother. When I saw the issue about the benefits of cannabis, this is one of the reason why i joined here because it is really prohibited in my country and in my jobsite. If you ever kick me out, it is your conscience, and not mine. Yes, i am not a user but would you please be happy that you could help us in a little way?I am the bread winner, i am a widow and my mother has a dialysis two times a week. My father has hypertension.The salary of my only son is not enough for their daily needs? That is why I am here, when i saw a link in steemit about,i register and approved my application. Why you are suspecting me? I hope you open your heart sometimes and feel the moment how people need to earned? Thank you, Peace be with us all. LET US BE FRIEND WITH UNITY IN THIS PLATFORM AND GROW TOGETHER!

May the smoke you puff doesn't give you a bad trip.. Don't oversmoke and DO NOT FORGET TO SMILE when your heart is aching... IT is Sunday, enjoy it!



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You're exploiting your goats @lawlai, remember animal rights!, lol!!!


No problem, they are better than human, they never know to insult me being what i am.
I respect animal than human with animal behavior. Thank you for dropping by, Sir, @dargonxOx

You're not even logged in. lol

And I can't see the whole computer. Could be the same laptop used in another one.


Good. Removed from the list.


Thank you Maam/Sir.


I change the picture and i have nothing to be afraid of because i am not fake.

I am sorry but this proved nothing besides you have a tablet... I think any one that is accused needs to be posting username date and a real photo


No problem Sir/Maam..


If ever you kick me out,,its hurt me,the time i joined steemit it helps me financially ,i am a bread winner,my mother is under dialysis two times a week.I never seen my family forr almost five years,i am working in a foreign land for greener pasture.Yes i am not a user but hoping to earn like what i earned in steemit is a better way than stealing or selling myself to earned momey.Aside from steemit,i found this smoke that has value already so i joined here.I found it also some benefits for my health.,I am 48years old,and never been hiding myself used for dummy account..For a reason,I can not show my face holding a piece of paper that i am here in you know Maam/Sir,if i am just living in a country that cannabis is legal,i wanna put my profile here.i will do what you wants .I will not put my life in danger just because of this..If you think i am not belong here,I am okey,Maam/Sir,if you think you are doing a right things.But more details of my own identity,i can't give you,i am so sorry.I will not leave,still i am here .