A Tour To The Cannabis Grow Shop in Andalucia, Southern Spain

9 months ago


Torrox, Andalucia ( Southern Spain)... The Background

This grow shop is located in Torrox, an andalucian whitewashed village that is around 50 km east of the Malaga Airport. The village is divided into two areas , the one they call Torrox Pueblo and the coastal area named Torrox Costa ...The village has a nice cultural flair dating back to the moorish days ... It has a population of around 16k and almost 2/3 of that population are in the younger generation. In Summer, the village is always jampacked with tourists ... young and old and mostly germans, scandinavians, brits and russians, and many others spend their vacation here.

The Cannabis Grow shop.jpg


Cannabis is still illegal in Spain, but as I have said, the town officials are lax as far as growing is concerned, afterall, Spain is an agricultural land and their biggest export product aside from its tourism industry are fruits and vegetables.

To be honest, I was bit surprised to see the cannabis grow shop in this village! Perhaps, they have seen that it is a big industry that would generate lots of taxes and income for the region. Since a lot of countries are already legalizing Cannabis lately, it is inevitable that Spain would also follow suit.


So, let´s take a tour of what is inside a Cannabis grow shop... On the outside , there are posters shown on the glass window about the kind of seeds being offered by the shop and I saw lots of poster of strains that are so popular and the not so common . Diego, the owner of the shop showed me lots of catalogs , the kind of seeds, the differences of the two plants which are vegetative and the auto-flowering cannabis that is easily grown and harvested in a short period of time say from 70 to 100 days.


There are lots and lots of fertilizers, growth boosters, flower booster as well as many other nutrients and minerals that would help the growing process. And mind you they are not cheap. There are Sensi packs too which are mineral fertilizers with PH perfect substances. Other products such as CBD Oil, CBD creams and lotions and so many by-products are in this shop.


All the tools and materials you will need in growing including kind of soil, from pellets to germinate the seeds, to containers, plastics bags, hardware. literature are all available in this store... It´s like a one-stop shop for all your cannabis growing needs.


There are so many types of soil available like the prepared ones where you only have to transfer your newbie to your pots with this potting soil as well as organic plus soil.


And as far as marijuana vessels are concerned, there are various types available according to your preference such as vaporizers, pipes, bowls , bongs and so many other vessels... There are also various kinds of weed grinders from sophisticated metal to simple plastic ones.


sativa shop .jpg

So if you guys happen to have your vacation in Torrox, Andalucia drop by the shop and ask for Diego, he´s the nice shop owner who will guide you for what/how/which seeds to grow and how to maintain them while in the growing process as well as harvesting and storing.

Here is another blog I posted about seeds I got from this shop just for your info.

In the meantime, keep puffing for a high


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thanks for the free tour ate :) its nice to see a store of ganjah


Hahaha.. would you grow a seed on your terrace garden?

Ahora sé dónde inflar en España. Visitaré a Lily un día y tendré un atasco.


Muchas Gracias! hahaha, si claro, te esperamos!

Wow I never knew shops like this exist in Spain. Now I have a good reason to visit the country I have always wanted to visit. Question: Are tourists allowed to purchase from the shop?


Yes indeed ! Anything you want... you can get ... there is no finished weed/stuff though...

This is fantastic! Andalucia is a beautiful city... didn't know this place existed! I'll make sure to stop by next time I visit (:
Thanks for sharing @indaymers!


Thank you.. yeah, drop by and enjoy their offer.. you'll be amazed!

Wow!!! Cool!!!!


Thanks ...

nice post @indaymers, a good tour for us!!!


Thank you so much...

Very good post @mers!


Thank you so much @futurethinker.

Thanks for the tour! It's always neat to see other places and countries and how they have stores set up.


Yeah... great that you like this post...THANK YOU! We are here in Spain over the winter til March 2019... We live here during wintertime. When I comeback to homebase, I will write article a bout the dispensaries in Vienna too... Have a nice evening @goldendawne.

Buen contenido @indaymers! Gracias por mostrarnos esta tienda de el hermoso Torrox. En esta época esta muy bonito. Saludos desde Málaga.


Hola, encantado de conocerte @ green-der ... Yo también estoy en Málaga. Gracias por pasar y leer mi post. ¡Que tengas una buena noche!

ezgif.com-resize (2).gif @curationbro was here! ezgif.com-rotate (3).gif




I wish that there were such shops in our country as well. I hope that soon there will be some kind of store in my area. Beautiful post


Many thanks! It´s pretty sure that when big countries legalize cannabis, the world will follow the trend. We just have to be patient ...Before, it is illegal to display anything about Cannabis in Spain... now they are moving on...


Can't wait... :)

Wow! Excellent post. Question is, what were Diego's thoughts on Smoke Network?


Before I left , I gave him a note containing the link of smoke network and that he should check it out...I ask him to join in too..