Smoking Skywalker OG feeling like Darth Vader

7 months ago

Luke i am your father!

Copped some Skywalker OG from The Matrix and had me in the matrix for real. I smoked some last night and just fell asleep on the discord last night lol.

This some fire! i caught it on a sale at a good price too. Its at 25% THC with over 6mg of Terpinolene and Ocimene.

This is giving it that good sweet piney og taste that reminds you of OG all the way. Terpinolene is my fav and added with that sweet ocimene its crazy.

One of my favorite OG’S

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That's some beautiful nugs right there!
Cheers @heaterville, enjoy! I love Skywalker


Yeah Skywalker you can't go wrong with!

Man that looks absolute fire! 🔥👌


Its so loud bro! Shit put me out in the middle of a conversation lol...

Skywalker og is some fire! I haven't it in a while.


yeah its one of the great OGs, i haven't had it in a while either..