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2 years ago

Many of us in DPoS Blockchains have begged, pleaded, and proposed for "Evergreen Content" to be implemented into front end applications for many months now. Content creation is an art form that doesn't really mesh well with the current DPoS front ends that are being designed. They do not cater to long form or high-input content creation. Content, for example highly edited videos, 1000+ word guides, music videos, songs, and so on and so forth, is what I would consider high-input content.


High-input content is really good for DPoS blockchains to have, as it brings users in. YouTube is the most successful online high input content platform. While Hollywood still ranks globally as the platform with the most capital investment into the creation. These two platforms are completely different. Although both share the ability for the consumers to enjoy long form content and reward these content creators for their efforts. Smoke can use this history as a gauge of what works and does not work for content creation and the creators themself.

Independent content creators are the soul of YouTube, the Smoke Blockchain or any online long form/high input content platform. It's absolutely critical to keep these creators happy, and fulfilled so they continue to create content because their content brings new users into the Blockchain ecosystem.

The Blockchain works on the 7 day cycle rewards payout cycle. For some reason Steemit.com, one of the first DPoS front ends, decided they did not enjoy long form/high input content. So they disabled the ability for content creators to earn past 7 days.

Smoke, without the bloat of SBD, and delegation/bidbot spam has many opportunities to entice long form content creators who are now censored on these website like YouTube and Facebook.

Recently, myself and @tradeitforweed began exploring the possibility to adding Evergreen to the Smoke blockchain. I did not contribute to any of the code. Tradeitforweed deserves all the credit, as he did a fantastic job. You can find tradeitforweed's pull request here. He was successful in the implementation this technology into the tradeitforweed.io website, tested it, and it does indeed work as intended.

The idea is to enable earnings on posts for a several months instead of the usual 7 days, after those months run up, the creation will have to re-enable their content for evergreen posting. This cuts down on spam. Of course, we encourage any and all ideas for evergreen implementation. I believe as long as we can keep Blockchain spam to a minimum, and preserve the reward pool for legitimate creators, Evergreen content can add a lot of value into the Smoke blockchain.

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:) It's worth noting the pull request mentioned deals specifically with limiting the smoke.io frontend to not display content submitted from other 'apps' on the Smoke blockchain.

The issue with evergreen content is that re-posted content significantly hurts the SEO of a given site - the way evergreen content works on tradeitforweed is to 1. not link to this content, but amalgamate it into the original post and 2. use a rel=canonical link in the head section of the reposted content to the original content. The issue arises when this content is viewed many times on Smoke.io, hurting their SEO and hurting the chain.

The PR was to help the Smoke devs integrate the limitation on their side, so I can re-enable Evergreen on TFW. You can see the Evergreen commits here for how this is achieved: https://github.com/DunnCreativeSS/tradeitforweed.io


Also: earlier today the PR was included into the dev branch of smokenetwork/webapp as of this morning, later to be merged into master and then deployed on the fronted. The PR runs here and you can compare and see the missing tradeitforweed app posts here: http://tradeitforweed.io:8080/@tradeitforweed and see whether or not smoke matches yet: https://smoke.io/@tradeitforweed


Thank you for the detailed explanation :).

Love the idea of earning for more than 7 days....


Thanks for the support here @offgrid. I agree, It's an excellent concept that could encourage some really exciting new content and talented creators to thrive.


Yeah... the best think about Youtube is that I make $$$$ for an infinite number of years for the videos I have shared there.