Smoke Witness Notify for Discord

8 months ago

Apologies for the hiatus, I had to tend to some personal things and even get some rest. But I was busy getting tool coded during that time as well. I didn't forget about you stoners! 😛

I recently started to upload code to Github and released a witness notification tool for Discord called Smoke Witness Notify.

It's a fork from a code I found and made some changes. I am currently testing a node fail-over feature that was pulled from another script and cleaning up the code.

This tool notifies witnesses if they miss a block as it happens. It just so happened that it did its job and alerted me that @moonblocks was missing blocks. There was some network issue and seems to be an issue with the service provider of our server so will have to look into that. So, unfortunately, our missed block count is no longer 0.

I'm sure most witnesses have their own notification system but for those witnesses that are learning, here is a tool that may help.


Requires Node.js libraries and a Discord bot account.

The instructions will install the notification bot and Smoke-js libraries.

  • First create a Discord bot account, get the bot token for later and continue with the installation.

Guide on how to create a Discord bot:

$ git clone
$ cd Smoke_Witness_Notify
$ npm install 
$ cd node_modules
$ git clone
$ cd smoke-js
$ npm install
$ cd ~/Smoke_Witness_Notify


First rename config-example.json to config.json:

$ mv config-example.json config.json

Then set the following options in config.json:

  "rpc_nodes": [
    "",  // Set the list of RPC nodes you would like to connect to ( is the default if this is not set). The software will automatically fail over to the next node on the list if the current one is having issues.
 "accountname": "USERNAME",
 "discorduser": "DISCORD_USER_ID",
 "token": "BOT_TOKEN",

The "USERNAME" is for the witness account you are monitoring, "DISCORD_USER_ID" is the Discord ID of the user that will receive a Direct Message, and "BOT_TOKEN" is the token you receive when first creating the Discord bot.


$ node witness_notify.js

The code is open source on Github:

Support @moonblocks Witness by voting at:

Join the Smart Media Group Discord server:

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Nice one, I hope there will be no missed blocks after this.

Thanks for helping the community!


Unfortunately, it's bound to happen to every witness. All we can do is minimize it and have tools like this to help.

Appreciate the comment :)

I started following you yesterday on github. I've been wondering when you were going to announce this. Awesome work!


Yeah, I just wanted to make sure everything was working properly before releasing it. Plus had a lot on my plate the past couple weeks.

Thanks for the comment and the follow on github :)

I'm in love!!

The only problem I had (because I don't have toooo much Discord dev experience) was the "user_id" sooo...

To get your user_id you need to go into Discord Settings >> Appearance >> Under "Advanced" switch on Developer Mode. Now right click on your username and click "Copy ID" that will give you a string of numbers and there you go!


I completely forgot about that part. I always thought it was on by default to get the user_id.

Thanks for sharing that!


Yeah! For sure! Again thanks for a fun script to keep my Witness Node in check!

I'm working on porting a few scripts!!