Smoke Network Buy Up

2 years ago


I'm really loving this platform. Upvotes are great but what I really love is the connection between everybody. There's no scamy commenters leaving comments just to get an upvote. People actully read your post and comment something related to the post. I may not be posting a lot but I will be buying smoke no matter what the price and upvoting post. I don't think the price will stay at 0.10 usd or fall too much lower than that price. My goal for now is 4000 smoke power and slowly work my way up 100k smoke power. I don't care about the price but the platform itself will go to the moon and open so many doors.

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You're correct. This is why smoke network needed it's own chain. If you're not talking about cannabis... in some way... or the industry or this site in general... then save your non-smoke material for other places. :)

It's good to see the action and activity on the smoke token on Bitshares.

There's a valuable documentation resource for the smoke network here:

It's a very good site with lots of information. Perhaps most people have found it already... but if not... there it is! :)


thanks for the link checking it out now.