#02 SmokeHostel420 Weekly Curated Post. | 14-20/10/2018.

2 years ago

Days ago SmokeHostel420 account posted her intro post, where we stated our mission and vision which we believe will bring this system to the peak.

We've started this already and here we bring to you our second weekly report.


SmokeHostel420 Weekly Curation Reports.
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01@lordoftruthCannabis Series EP 22 Medical Canna Popcorn
02@goldendawneHow I Keep Organized And Stats On My Grows And My Girls
03@heatervilleStarting Off My Week With Some Burkel From Gardens Of Weeden
04@jonyoudyerCanna Butter With The Ganja Cowboy
05@jessicaCanada The Second Country To Legalize Cannabis What You Need To Know

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Keep up the good work guys, I hope to get on that list soon.


Thanks buddy, and sure hard pays a lot. You will for sure if you can think it. 😀

Awesome collection of posts!

Thank you for stopping by mine and curating!


You're welcome @goldendawne. Please enjoy 🎉

Keep promoting great contents bro.


Thanks buddy. Light it up.

Wow with this I think we will get to our destination soon Nice work keep it up thanks.

Perfect selections, am honored to be part of the curation. Keep up the good work

great work, perfect initiative. continue guiding us to the best content and only the content that people make real effort to post, and SMOKE'rs wanna see!

This is a really great idea to help the community, i will take a look at all the posts above ~ Awesome :)

oh, glad I found you! Thanks for helping the community, much appreciated!

Smoke ON! <3