Bad Impressions last long.

2 years ago

Good day my friends,

This is a poem inspired by Dbread Poems.

As I was meditating this morning I remembered that the good impressions we leave with people are most time easily forgotten than the bad impressions but the good impressions is the way to go because only good impressions have the capacity to build our world in peace and harmony with love. :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :heart_decoration:


What you did yesterday is a product of happenings around you today;
Do you leave people with a smile or sadness?
People don't just come your way or sphere of contact;
There is a reason for everything;
Some people come to as your waiter;
Others come as your waster.
But your attitude or behavior make them either of the two.

Does people that cross your path becomes happier?
How often do you speak to people about them? Good or bad!
Today is about to end again;
Speak the kind words to someone today you never can tell who need it badly.

How do you spend your days;
In disconnect or in kindness to others;
Do you leave people with scars or disappointment;
Are you a product of kindness and love or hatred communicated with love like Judas;
Be Supportive and Appreciative I anyway you can;
Life itself depends on it to survive.


Do you communicate love with hatred?
Are you a product of Judas;
Remember how Judas ended up;
Communicating love with love brings Communion;
With Communion with each other life become easier to live;
Don't live for yourself alone but extend love to others who need it.

If you ruled the world;
Would you have it more beautiful and enjoyable for all?
Life will be much easier without corruption and embezzlement;
Live a life that leave a positive foot prints in this world;
Be remembered for the hero that you are because everyone of has heroic nature in us.


Thank you a for reading. Let there be change in our world. Let's make life more easier to live for others and in doing so our life will be more easier to live.


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I remain Steven Moses.

See you next time. Remained blessed of God.

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