Cheap Ways To Store Cannabis

2 years ago

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the part one of The Best Ways To Store Cannabis. Today you will be reading about the part two.

You might have seen some cannabis being better than the other. Some might bring out a very good scent and color, while the other’s color might have worn out and the scent might not be acceptable to you. Most times, the problems didn’t arise from where it was grown. It’s the way it was stored that caused it. Some cannabis lose potency over time, when you touch them, it crumbles easily. Believe this, it wasn’t stored properly. It’s not a plant you can harvest and keep anywhere. Just like every other plant, cannabis has a way of storing them too. It’s not compulsory you use the best way, at least try not to leave it open anywhere.

When cannabis is left in the open, it exposes it to too much light and air. There might be contamination from dusts and non required particles. And these things doesn’t contaminate the marijuana alone, your body will suffer it too. If you can consider some factors before storing your marijuana, then you are good to go. The factors to consider includes; Temperature, Exposure to contaminates, Relative humidity and Exposure to light. These are factors that can make your cannabis lose its odour, taste and color. Now, how should we store cannabis?

For starters, you can use a plastic sandwich bag; that’s if you aren’t planning to spend money to store them. Any bag that can be zipped up to prevent air can be used. But this method has its own flaws too. Since it’s a bag, there’s tendency of it getting torn. And when this happens, it gets exposed to the factors you are avoiding. Also, these bags can’t guarantee there wouldn’t be any air and light coming through. Anyway, it’s a good way to store cannabis. At least, it’s better than just leaving the cannabis in the open.

Rather than using plastic bags, you can get jars or any sealed or closed bottle/container. They aren’t expensive to get. You can use the jar of your bam or butter to store them. This is better than the plastic bags because air can’t pass through. It’s important to keep the temperature range at 60 -790F, Relative humidity to 60% - 65% and expose it to light sometimes. So, while using jars and covered containers, you still need to open them once in a while and that would be tedious. That’s why there are containers built specifically for storing cannabis. And that’s the best way to store cannabis.

There are vacuum vaults you can buy. They are made for storing cannabis; it has a button at the sealed top you can press to release air. The containers are strong and air tight; that’s exactly a place where cannabis needs to lay. Once you can get this and follow the temperature and humidity range, you are storing your cannabis the right way. Still wondering why cannabis are better than the other even when they are grown same way? The storage is the reason.

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I think this is a better way to store cannabis. I've been using the archaic system all along, paper storage system.

Good write up - Storage matters! it's curing also that needs tending too. Weed can get left out and wick moisture, or accidentally get left in A/C also ... f it's too wet i'll use foil ... the metal stuff, and wrap it neat and pop into sandwich bag and do up not quite all the way. Can use the sun then to chase moisture out and cure the weed for smoking. Reverse, for dry weed, just a little orange or lime peel and close the bag fully.
To keep it fresh, locked fully with air squeezed out the ziplog sandwich bag, and into an ice cream tub, then the freezer. Works for me, at least for a couple of weeks. Any longer i'd be investing in a vacuum food sealer ...

I did not know about the storage in vacuum vaults!
Thanks for detailed post about Cannabis storage..
Wish you a great weekend..

Great advice Blackman and I might add you should watch the moisture content too before storing in plastic bags, thanks mate and bong on bro. :-)