Being high from weed vs alcohol

2 years ago

This should be fun! Being stoned is the state most alcohol or weed users want to be whenever they take the drugs. Although alcohol and weed came from the same plant family but fact is; the highness and reactions you get from both are different. That’s why some weed users wouldn’t take alcohol and some taking alcohol wouldn’t go close to weed. Let’s imagine a situation where there are at least five people in a room, one of them is smoking weed, while one of them is drinking gin. After three hours of inhaling and drinking, they became high. Now, what happens to them?

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The alcohol guy becomes careless.

This is a fact! You wouldn’t want to hold a phone or any device when you are drunk. In fact, they get too careless with the drink. The guy wouldn’t be balanced and whenever he tries pouring more drink into his cup, it pours away. He might end up pouring most of the drink on the floor. Anytime he does this, he does it too fast. He doesn’t care if some of the drink spills on the floor, all he needs is the ones getting into his cup. As you all know, those in the room might laugh at him. Some people enjoy watching a drunk guy.

The weed guy becomes careful.

This guy will spend hours in rolling another weed when he’s very high. He will be extra careful when doing it. In fact, no weed will fall out from the roller. Every thing he does then will be done slowly. If he tries to walk, his steps will be calculated and he will be careful not to fall. Watching this guy will be like watching a seasonal movie.

The alcohol guy becomes boastful.

If you want to know everything a man has, fill his tummy with alcohol. He will add what he doesn’t have too. This guy will boast about his success and adventures to the other friends in the room. He will answer everything he’s asked truthfully while being proud about it. It’s the perfect state to know what he wants, what he has done and what he will be doing.

The weed guy forgets things.

Instead of talking too much, this guy becomes quiet. It’s definitely not the perfect time to ask him things unlike the drunk guy. At this high state, he forgets most things that must have happened to him. This is why people in difficult situation smokes to forget their sorrows. He wouldn’t boast of anything; he would rather not say anything.

The alcohol guy wouldn’t be turned on.

If peradventure he has a wife who wants to sleep with him after his tenth bottle, he won’t be able to do it. He would rather sleep off. Well, some drunk guys gets turned on but it depends on the quantity of alcohol they took. Once he gets too high, trust me, the last thing he wants is sex.

The weed guy gets be turned on.

You should know this. Don’t seduce a guy when he’s high from weed. This drug makes him perform better too – at least to an extent. It’s amazing how the reactions from drunkenness is different from being stoned.

The alcohol guy won’t be able to eat.

Perceiving the aroma from some food might make him vomit. When he’s very drunk, he wouldn’t think of eating. It’s either he keeps drinking or he sleeps off.

The weed guy eats a lot.
Give him a mountain of rice when he’s high, I bet you, he will finish all. Weed opens up his appetite and the guy becomes very hungry.

How about a situation where both drugs are taken? A bottle of gin and two sticks of weed might do a lot to the body. People do this and you might have seen their reactions. Anyway, you’ve seen what happens to a drunk guy and a stoned guy. Which state would you rather be? Perhaps you want the combination of both? You can add other reactions you’ve observed in the comment section below.

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Alcohol lowers inhibitions. I know people who wouldn't normally do certain things, but once enough alcohol in their system... they are singing karaoke, drunk sexting, being more aggressive, etc.

What does cannabis do? Makes you relaxed but you still have your wits about you. It makes you calm down, not become aggressive. It allows you to think and put things into perspective, not go off and become belligerent.


Yeah very true

Excellent definitions of the differences :)
i've gotta say it makes a difference having nothing but weed ... used to think alcohol helps with 'confidence' but the anxiety it ends up creating in the end totally cancels it out. Cannabis, used correctly, can provide a range of far more preferable side effects or even replace any doctor medications for alcohol cessation....