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A couple of days ago, I published a post on the first series of some amazing facts about cannabis, which you can read from here.

By now, you should have a good knowledge about weed. Here are other amazing facts you should take note of. These facts here are corrections of what people actually believed.

There’s a code specifically made for marijuana. The 4/20 code! Many people believed it’s a police code, but it’s not even close to it. They believed the code is being used when the police force catches marijuana smokers. It’s actually a code for smoking marijuana and 4:20 PM has been smoker’s starting time to light up their pot.

Marijuana isn’t a gateway drug. The word “gateway” here means a passage to take other things. The theory people believed isn’t actually true. The research made in 2013 proved that about 32% of students in America has used marijuana but only 1.8% of them has tried cocaine and about 0.6% of them has used other harmful drugs. Marijuana doesn’t actually give you the mindset of taking hard drugs.

Smoking weed doesn’t cause cancer. This is a fact a lot of people argues. In fact, this is actually a lie you will be told just to stay away from it. According to a study made in 2006 by the National Institute of Health, there’s no relationship between marijuana and cancer. Cigarette is actually confused for marijuana many times. Cigarette could cause cancer not weed.

All weeds aren’t the same. Another theory people believe about weed is that they are all the same. They believe every weed has the same function and symptoms they do in the body. The fact is; they are different. We have Indica, Sativa and Hybrid weeds. Indica weeds makes you sleepy, it makes your body well relaxed. Sativa raises your mind and gives you some energetic effects. Hybrid combines both Indica and Sativa weed. The symptoms you exhibit determines the particular type of weed you took. They aren’t the same.

Cannabis or marijuana isn’t a substance you can take and conclude you know everything about it. It can actually be studied!

Till we meet again…

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Smoking weed doesn’t cause cancer. This is a fact a lot of people argues. In fact, this is actually a lie you will be told just to stay away from it

Ahh yes.. A government agency was behind this fact. Imagine that...

Marijuana isn’t a gateway drug

The only legitimate fact to this statement is that cannabis is a gateway to relief from medical conditions with chronic (lifelong) pain and a way to conquer depression and anxiety without taking chemical-ridden FDA approved pills.


I do think it is a gateway drug, but I believe that it's because of them calling it a drug. That way when people are willing to try weed, a "drug" that is not so bad, they think that maybe other drugs aren't as bad either just because they're illegal. I can understand this thinking as it being a gateway, but the way to destroy that devilish gateway is to legalize!!!!


Just my thinking. I hope I do not offend you with this


Gateway drug to munchies and sitting on the couch.

Thanks for the information especially the part where you said: "All weeds aren’t the same." Never knew that. Aside from their effects is there a way to differentiate them by mere looking at it?


let me call on a giant here @masterroshi


There are many strains/varieties of cannabis, as there are types of flowers.

Well the govts all over the world do it themselves but make the local people avoid it. Its a mega business so they declare it illegal and only keep it for themselves.


exactly, make it illega and make huge money of the few people who are bold enough to use it

I've known plenty of stoners over the years and the vast majority only smoke pot and nothing else except maybe a bit of goey.

Looking forward to it :)