"Whale Smoke" A Cypher Jam Free-write Rap [video]

10 months ago


What a coincidence! @djlethalskillz told me about the Smoke platform today as I was wrapping up my post over on Whaleshares with a lil video I did for my "Whale Smoke" entry to the World Wide Cypher (Episode 53) jam hosted by the brother Termite Music.

Isn't that fitting? I was only missing a nice spliff to accompany me, but I've got some chocolate edibles taking care of business right about now!

So without further ado.. This could be an apt introduction as well, so here we go... my first post on the Smoke Network is here!


Grind it up roll it up / Spark it in the night now hold it up
On the open sea lookin' starboard / Old school ice hockey Hartford
I don't give a puck like rubber / Straight from the north making oil outta blubber
I'm thinking now how much to charge you / It's hard to sharpen up my harpoon
Deep waters treading that's a no go / Watch em spout smoke from the blowhole
Cruising off the coast of Acapulco / Moving through the water in slow-mo
Escape the choke-hold and get on board / And if you don't know you led off course
I don’t joke this is not a prank / Dead man walking right off the plank
Come and get some or stay back / If you're a dick then you're nicknames Ahab
I upgraded from navigating sailboats / now I inhale exhale whale smoke

Peace out y'all

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Very cool. Welcome to the platform! Great skills and cool rymes.


Thanks @hash! Many more to blaze!

Such a small crypto verse this is! Nice to see you here, fellow artist!


Indeed it is! Likewise @maelstrohmblack

It seems some early adopters confuse the self-appointed role of witness (which is notheless vital to the platform's functioning smoothly), with the role of regulator. As much as I can appreciate their enthusiasm and will to protect the network from abuse, this is a decentralized network, therefore, no user is above any other, nor does any user have any authority over the content posted. Upvoting (or eventually downvoting) is up to the ENTIRE community, not just a group of self appointed watchdogs. No offense meant, but this kind of threatening censorship has no place on a platform born of the will to RESIST the censorship of the centralized mainstream. I invite all users to JOIN the discussion! I also greatly encourage you to voice your opinion on this in the Discord server: https://discord.gg/GbaKePY It is imperative that a few users might not be allowed to dictate the conduct of the entire community. If the founders wanted such a thing (and I doubt they did) then the network should have been a centralized one, not a blockchain based decentralized dApp where all users are supposed to be EQUAL. This discussion is ONLY beginning...


@djlethalskillz brought this up with me just now.. I'm still coming out of the dark on it, but I think I get what you mean. I understand that the content they "want" on the network is the Cannabis kind, but yeah I get where you're coming from. Will check out the Discord discussion to get myself up to speed.