Weed In Asia - Thailand Now Looking At Legalizing Medical Cannabis

8 months ago


After i posted about Malaysia looking into Legalization of Medicinal Cannabis my friend sent me the news about Thailand. This is great news to be honest, but I'm still a bit skeptical that anything will happen for real though.

The Weed Race - Thailand vs Malaysia

Nonetheless this is a big step in the right direction for the region and knowing the competitive nature of both countries I feel like the race is now on to see who will be the first!

According to the report, Thailand has given a rough timeline of when they're looking to legalize and it's a (not so) conservative 8 months from now. This is putting the pressure on Malaysia no doubt so it looks like we're going to have a lot to talk about as we move into 2019 (coming sooner that I thought!).

The Narcotics Suppression Bureau has already given 100 kilograms of seized marijuana to the GPO as raw material for their research.

I found this statement quite interesting considering the unknown nature of the source material, I'm curious to see what this research turns up.

“We will have our own marijuana cultivation farm, laboratories and production plants at this new facility so as to ensure the quality of the product and sufficient level of surveillance for preventing any efforts to take marijuana out or other abuses.”

This is a great opportunity for folks like us in the Industry to be able to lend a helping had when it comes to setting up these facilities and in consulting the Govt of Thailand as they move forward with the project.

Read the full article here

Over a year ago, a short series on Netflix, aptly titled "Highland" came out covering the Cannabis awakening that has been going on in the country over the past few years. It's definitely worth a watch if you're interested in the region and want to get involved! I've included the trailer below for you to check out.

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Lets hope, they have some fucking nasty bammer shit now. Would be cool if you gave your opinion, not just a copy paste.


To be honest, you can find bud, but it's expensive.. Oh the only bits I copy/pasted were the ones in quotes.. I thought about expressing more of my opinion but I can leave that for the comments to engage with y'all!

Right about time!


Totally agree!

love it..This post is very intersting thanks for sharing



As the US eases its stance on cannabis the global legal structure will have to change. Esp since weed is mostly illegal because of trade agreements forced upon nations by the USA and its buddies.


Exactly! Step by step for most places. Of course they'll all be trying to find ways to maximize returns and will probably use the Canadian model

Nice! I hope it all works out. I will definitely come visit and smoke out to some fire Thai bud!


Knowing how things operate out here, it's wishful thinking it will happen in the next year. Government bureaucracy is horrible in these parts...

Love it, could indeed be fabulous news for the region soon. You know in fact Thailand and places especially, (SEA) only made it illegal in the '80s due to pressure from United Nations ... go figure ... :)


In Northern Laos it's still a big part of the culture and hemp is widely used in the traditional textiles. I'm sure we'll get back to the days before prohibition and criminalization.


I'm there - ASAP!


it would be a huge tourism boost. beautiful beaches and fire nugs!!


Regionally, for sure. For the most part you can always find some blaze around, but it would be nice to have access to those quality nugnugs

I hope that mask it to protect the weed from her face. Otherwise, why would you want to do anything to mask the wonderful odor?


Typical "lab" gear.. I imagine it's meant to make it look more "medical" of course...


Lewl !!! That's too funny. You can't get high by just smelling weed. Right?

Great post


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed reading. i keep them relatively short for stoners to stay focused.. Lol just kidding.. Hope you enjoy some of my other posts!

Definitely progressive of them! As I've said before, along with so many others, it's only a matter of time. ;)

I love how they are taking measures to try and stop people from sneaking buds lol.. Cuz you know there's at least a handful of people involved that would be like, "Well, don't mind if I do! For later! ;)"

Thanks for sharing! :)

Peace and Love.


Definitely a matter of time. It's nice to see both Malaysia and Thailand pushing fwd and I think the "race" to legalize is a good step in the right direction and could end up speeding up the process. I'll be keeping an eye on updates! Thanks for reading!

Where do I sign up to grow for them? Lol


If I have any leads, I'll share them here! Maybe we can run a competition on Smoke for this in the future? Who knows!

It is spreading like mad..power to the people!


We got the power! It's called power of participation! Let's spread it

this is a welcome development....


We welcome more of these developments always!