My Unofficial Shirt Arrived!

7 months ago

Howdy, Smokers!

So for a bit @offgrid was talking about how easy was to work with.

I mostly agree, positioning different elements is pretty easy.

Here's a screenshot of their editor.

I decided to grab a shirt and see how it turned out. It arrived yesterday!

I'm pretty happy with it. I wish the symbol were a deeper green (could this be because it seems to be a white layer underneath because it's a black shirt?), but I'm satisfied with the text. The large is maybe a little snugger then I would normally like, but it might work out, I wonder what the xl is like.

The SVG Images I pulled from, not used with this shirt so what you can do with them is probably better.

I hope I'll be able to advertise some for by wearing it. Possibly spark some conversations. Wear it to any social work events, etc. If you want smoke stuff there are a couple places online you could take the SVG files and get stuff made. Local shops are likely great options as well.

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The design looks good

Thank you for the Post & you have inspired me to go to my local shop to see about getting a shirt made for myself. It does look nice but, I can see the snug fit that you spoke of. I can't wait to have a tee shirt made up for myself. #Cheers #PeaceLoveCannabis

Yeah.... the green should be darker ... I would send them an email showing their photo of how it would look and the End result. Maybe they will correct the colour and send you another one. Let them know you are advertising their product on a huge New Social Network that will surpass Facebook soon. The text looks great.

Darken the green and out-line the leaf picture with a neon green. The period and the dot of the letter "I" the dark green color.

That looks very nice. I used zazzle before but now I mostly use Redbubble to sell my artwork. The returns are much better. Perhaps you can look into using Redbubble if you want to sell your artwork on different products.

Looks great! More of this please from users all over! This is how we spread the word. Great stuff!

Awesome tee

I like black color!
Cool Shirt!

Wow!! this is nice, looks good on you. Now you gonna be a walking billboard lol.

lo0king go0ddddd

It looks mighty good!

No better advertisement then a t-shirt haha

I love it!

very nice @trees ! it looks good on you ! :-) ,

Nice sinner!

nicely done... 5 stars

nice i have been thinking to do this for ages

Nice idea man, I really like it :)

Awesome! It looks great!

Right on Brother!

Nice shirt, always like a clean design on a black short..

I like this a lot!