Jack Herer from Reef Dispensaries (Vegas)

last year

Stopped by Reef Dispensaries this morning and picked up some Jack Herer.
They sold me a 1/4 for $90 USD. They had it marked as 23% THC, which is the high that leafly reports, https://www.leafly.com/sativa/jack-herer

It's a thick, meaty weed that breaks up into manageable pieces manually. Like peeling off short, small rice grains of cannabis.

The high is mostly around my head and neck. Some relaxing body feelings as a side effect. My mind is alert but limber. I was laughing at something earlier but I can't remember what.

Definitely a good Sativa, I can't wait to brew some coffee in the morning and toke up some to tackle the day. It's not easy being a Guild Navigator.

Song of the day

Mr. Harper will play us out with his classic, "Burn one down." If you don't like my fire, then don't come around, because I'm going to burn one down.

Edit: whoops, smoke.io hated my image hosting, updated.

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This looks nice

Nice! That's like Hawaii street prices out here lol. But some nice looking smokes!


Truth, they still keep the dealers going. Right now there's some dank gorilla glue going around street level, but they can also be unreliable. I ended up selling a buddy a $5 worth just because dealers kept flaking on him.
Expensive in Hawaii because they have to ship it all the way across the ocean or grow it there? Dolphins as mules?

Wow.... very nice nugs