Fractional Voting Without 50kSP

8 months ago

Hello, Smokers!

Occasionally I see people ask how to vote for a lower percentage than 100%.

There's a couple of ways so far.

  1. You can get 50,000SP and unlock the slider for the website.
  2. You can use a more manual method where you enter in values and send them to the smoke RPC.

Click here for the method I've been using.


I run a ubuntu 18.04 operating system, there may be subtle changes needed for other operating systems. This uses html/javascript and google-chrome with some bash to automate voting on

smoke-vote.bash - This is a wrapper script that performs a couple functions for you.
It takes two parameters.

  1. The post/comment that you would like to upvote/flag.
  2. The amount in smoke you would like to upvote/flag.

To use this file you will need to point cp /PATH/TO/smokeJS-vote.html.blank ./smoke-vote.html to the actual location of smokeJS-vote.html.blank

smokeJS-vote.html.blank - This is the html/javascript mostly supplied by @stoner on the discord. You need to edit this file and fill in the info for const ACCOUNT_NAME = 'ENTER YOUR ACCOUNT NAME HERE'; & const ACCOUNT_WIF = 'ENTER YOUR ACCOUNT WIF/PRIVATE-KEY HERE';

You can actually just use this html if you like, and fill in the data manually and then load the page in a browser like google-chrome/firefox, my bash scripts just automate the process for you.

smoke_vote_value.bash - A script to calculate what weight you need to vote in order to get the desired SMOKE vote. You need to edit username="ENTER YOUR USERNAME HERE" for this to work.

Put it all together and you can vote!

If you run smoke-vote.bash followed by the post url and amount you would like to vote, (I use quotes around the values, quotes make everything better.)
Example: smoke-vote.bash "" "0.0955"

The script will:

  1. Calculate the necessary weight for the SMOKE vote.
  2. Edit the html file with the author, permlink, and voting weight.
  3. Launch google-chrome to activate the javascript in the html.
  4. Wait 15 seconds so the vote is cast (hopefully)
  5. Close the google-chrome page.

And a vote is born!

smoke_max_vote.bash is another script I have around to see what my current max vote is based on my SP/VP and current Pending Rewarded Vests.
To find this on your own you take your Smoke Vests and divide by the pending rewarded vesting shares, then multiply by 2 and your VP %.

I welcome any questions/comments/concerns. I also appreciate any support as witness at

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They need to give the slider at a lower amount


I think 4k would be a good mark... but then again, at 1.2k SP, I'd still like to give a fractional vote. Sometimes I wanna give a bit less, or conserve my voting power better.

Knowledge is power @trees and this, I must say is power made free. You kneeled an important issue on this platform as if it wasn't an issue at all. That is the beauty of your post. I call it Solutions Made Easy. Please, keep it up @trees because you just solved a major problem. bravo, brother!!!


Heh, it's not that easy, someone will probably/hopefully come up with something even better.
People don't like having to edit things.
I do believe in showing my work though, free software is a passion.

Hmm.. I might need this, I've been voting <=5% & It's still pretty high 🔥


Yeah, this let's you go down to 00.01% afaik. A 0.0005 vote from me was like 00.07%

50 000 :O This road will be long haha but no worries from me :) Good to know tho'

Awesome! I hope they will lower the 50k smoke limit.


Maybe a slider that only lets you do 25%,50%,75%,100% for 4-5k SP??
Still able to fraction out a vote, but only in specific increments? Full slider at 20k?

I feel that would be a nice implementation.

This is really helpful, thanks for sharing! I need to target 50k then. ^_^

At first I was a little bummed about the 50k SP that has to be gotten before you get your slider but as fast as I have been earning SP I don't think it'll be very long before I have it. Though it would be nice not to be draining my power down as much as I do


@mister-meeseeks has a slider program as well.
I turned it into this site, which lets you enter your username and private posting key as well as the link to vote so you can slide and vote.
downside that each time you go to the page you'll need to enter your credentials again, and idk how to make it blank out the private key...