Distributed cannabis oil to cancer patients and was sentenced to death

2 years ago


The Malaysian Supreme Court ruled that a citizen of the country who illegally engaged in the production of cannabis oil and its free distribution to cancer patients should be sentenced to death by hanging. Under the laws of the state, possession of a large amount of cannabis or concentrated cannabis oil was usually a life sentence, but due to the distribution of the oil to other people, the judges decided to go for the most severe punishment.

The death penalty for charity to patients

The case in question took place in the state of Malaysia, which is a Muslim country with very strict laws against drug users and especially against those who trade them for profit or any other reason.Citizen named Mohammad Lukman (Muhammad Lukman), who is 29 years old with one child two years old, was arrested in late August by police after a search of his home found three liters of oil Cannabis concentrated (RSO), it is preparing He said in order to share free for cancer patients . 

 Cannabis oil - in the wrong country is the death penalty 

In addition to the oil, 279 grams of crushed and compressed cannabis flowers were found in the house, which were probably extracted from alcohol as part of the preparation process .The police investigating Lockman found that he was in contact with cancer patients and provided many of them with large doses of cannabis oil for no financial or other value, but also found that in a few cases he received a symbolic fee of $ 20 from the patient, Accuse and convict him of a trafficking offense at Cannabis.  

Lockman's lawyers brought dozens of patients to testify in his favor, told him how he helped them receive the drug for free and swore that he never received anything from them in return, but the State Attorney's Office rejected these claims because it is medical treatment that is not approved by the health authorities. 

 Cannabis death - there are still things like that 

Thus, the Supreme Court of Malaysia refused to accept Lockman's claims that all his "crimes" were committed to help sick people and ruled that he was guilty under section 39B of the Act , which states that any person who transfers drugs to another person for a fee He was sentenced to death.The death penalty, which will be hung as usual in cases of drug offenses, will take place within a month, unless Lockman's appeal is accepted in the affirmative, which is highly questionable.If the death penalty is actually carried out, Lockman will be the fifth person to be executed this year in Malaysia for drug trafficking offenses.Together with Lockman, another man was sentenced to a similar offense after supplying cannabis oil to about 800 cancer patients, and he is also expected to be executed this year. 

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Is there a way we can help him? This kind of ignorance cannot continue...

Wow. Sounds bad. Sad