A new tropical destination for Cannabis consumers: The Mariana Islands have authorized legalization

2 years ago

The governor has signed the new law and the tropical islands have become the tenth territory in the US to authorize the legalization of cannabis.

The Northern Mariana Islands confirmed legalization this week after Governor Ralph Torres signed the new cannabis law.

Thus, the islands became the tenth territory in the United States to sanction the legalization of Cannabis, and the second in the United States (after Vermont ) that made cannabis legal in a political decision without a referendum.

However, in contrast to Vermont which in the meantime approved only the possession and growth and not the sale of Cannabis, the Mariana Islands have confirmed, as noted, full legalization.

The tropical islands are also the first in the United States to have undergone a complete prohibition of cannabis for full legalization - without prior permission of medical cannabis or non-incrimination.

Under the new law, adults over the age of 21 may hold up to 28 grams of cannabis for their own use and grow a small number of plants at home. The authorities will issue licenses to cannabis manufacturers, quality testing laboratories, processing plants, suppliers and stores.

The Mariana Islands are actually a group of 15 islands in the Pacific Ocean neighbors to the island of Guam and are part of the US even though geographically closer to China, Japan and the Philippines.

They cover an area of ​​464 square kilometers with a population of only 50,000 people and have an independent system of government similar to other US states, after American forces captured them from Japan during World War II.

The economy of the Mariana Islands is mainly based on the tourist industry thanks to beautiful beaches and pastoral scenery, alongside regular American aid.

The three most popular and most popular islands are Saipan, Tinyan and Rota.

This week, as stated, the governor signed the new law at a festive ceremony for journalists. "We made history," he declared. "We made a decision to make cannabis legal in the Northern Mariana Islands for leisure, medical use, and industrial use."

Residents of Michigan and North Dakota will soon vote in a referendum on their country's legalization, and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has promised to pass legalization by the end of the year without the need for a referendum - as was done in the Marianas.

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