My Original Collage To Promote Art+Gif

2 years ago

Good night dear smoker!

Today I want to show you a small collage that I made to promote our incredible platform.

During this day I have been doing ... besides smoking a bit and getting lost in the smoke, I was working on an art to promote our web through art.

Create this art using Photoshop and some resources which you can download. Hehe

And without more to say ... here art, feel free to use it at will.

I called this collage: "Flying in time"


Here the resources used for this collage.


A huge pot



A pretty girla



Some flowers



An old frame


For the rest of the composition I used effects and tools of the program.

And finnally the gif.


No more to say, and nothing more than just thank you for your visit.

Thank you very much, if you have something more to tell me about this art, let me know in the comment box.

Original content and art created by: @softuno84


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Great work, be sure to check for contests on promotion to apply and get more notice.


where can fin the information? :O thanks for the comment


Keep an eye in contest channel in CS discord and contest hashtag. Under right menu ->popular tags.

Very nice gif. I used to tried to do gifs but found out that I didn't have the patients really to do intricate gifs.


Haha, man u can create one with photoshop. And thank u bro!


Yes I know hahaha I use photoshop.


Hey do u use discord?