Girl among the psychedelic nature #My Original Illustration

last year

Hello dear comunity, a big hug and good vibes

Greetings to you artists and those who enjoy art and its different categories. Today I want to teach you an illustration on which I base myself in nature.

Today I want to share with you an illustration which I have called: "Girl among the psychedelic nature"

Inspired by nature, the Mayans and some ancient cultures, I decided to create a small illustration that tells us about its effects, giving as protagonist a beautiful woman, in which her face is changed by a kaleidoscopic effect, which can be produced as effect of the substances ... peyote, fungi and other plants accompany our protagonist, which has enjoyed a bit of these.

Here I want to leave you a little process which I have photographed.



And finally


As materials for this, only use white sheet (which is recycled) rapidograph of different thickness: 0.1, 0.3 and thick-tip markers.

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awesome art resmoked


Thanks u, i admired your work