Not another bitcoin podcast with Kenn Bosack

2 years ago

Ill be talking about censorship in certain industries and our solutions to different problems in the real world. Also dropping knowledge about and giving away some tokens.


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nice video...very informative :) i love the smoke :)


Thank you. It was a good time.

Smoking and stacking smoke xD Nice video keep up the good work and community update!


Thanks man😤

Woo hoo.... I’ll go listen in.


Yeah buddy! I plan on doing more of these to get the word out about everything we are doing😤

Nice video! Keep em coming.


Plan on it! Huge participation there

Nice. Seemed you brought some watchers over, that guy was really surprised with the number of live viewers 😎


Yep......funny because im not as much involved in the cryptotwittersphere, as far as a personality, as he is.

Just goes to to show the power of our communities.

Stay tuned😉

Great and informative video


Thanks buddy😤

Great video....

What do you think about bitcoin after this interview? (^_^)


I dont really focus on bitcoin at all


I respect it for being the first. Thats about it