Little Lapse in Concentration Has Cost me Bitshares that was intended for Smoke Purchase.

11 months ago

I feel so bad and depressed knowing that I made such a costly mistake when I intended to transfer 995 Smoke coins to @Smoke-Network from my bitshares account @smithg131 so as to power up but instead, I transferred 1,100 Bitshares that I was still going to use and buy more smoke.

After entering the account I wanted to send the smoke to (smoke-network) and my memo that was generated via,  I was meant to select which coins(Smoke) to send from the drop-down icon like i have doing, didn't know when i clicked on Bitshares and then sent.

Well, I have learnt a big lesson in a hard way! 

Always pay maximum concentration when transferring any crypto assets.


I hope other smoke lovers won't make same mistake.

My Love for and Quest to become a Whale (Like my Bosses here) led me to buying as much Smoke as possible so as to build up my Smoke Power (Vision 10,000smoke) which will be used to upvote and encourage my fellow smokers.

But, this mistake will not deter and hinder me from buying more smoke as I later successfully transferred the 995 smoke i wanted to my smoke wallet and powered all up. 

I won't mind if my 1,100 bitshares can be refunded by @smoke-network because money is hard to come by lately.

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The team is so good at helping, I am sure you will get those coins sent right back into your wallet.



I hope so Boss. Thanks

Sorry about the loss sir. Its a lesson for me as well and I do hope @smoken-etwork helps you rectify it by returning the bitshares if possible. I like your Morale! I want to acquire more power as well and am working on it seriously. Hope things will be more better soon!


Thanks Chief.

Sometimes the hardest knocks are the lessons we learn the best.
Unfortunate it had to happen this way for you. :/
Best wishes for the future! :P

Peace and Love.


One has to be more careful next time. Thanks

Sorry about that bro. I know how you feel.
But the experience that doesn't crack you would definitely make you stronger.

It's a pity bro @smith. Have u tried contacting @smoke-network team? I believe the bitshares is not yet lost, they will should be able to refund the bitshares once you provide them with the transaction details.

Make a mistake too but testing running so I used just 1 smoke coin sent it to my username on steemit instead or that of smoke-networks

Go and ask on the smoke telegram group. Someone else did this and they returned the BTS