Your vote is needed (not on this post )

2 years ago

Let’s get this community to be all one

We are a new community but lets his the internet like a storm and get our selfs rated number 1 over here on ICO rating

We are at 11 votes now I think it will take nothing if we can group up and vote for smoke. one thing don't click i am a token holder!!
If we can get the first spot we will get a write up from icorating so this can help us get noticed more.

Remember to go up vote witness and read who all the witness are and you can read what they do here

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Resmoked as well, good find here. Let's get smoke "high" as we can. Definitely deserves it, as it can provide such a great opportunity for creators .


This was sent over from @stoner and think we can get 1st no problem.

Got that vegan raw tray


Raw is like.. lol they are the only paper i use and i love my extra large tray.

And of course #veganforlife

I'm just getting started and you just read my publication. That's a nice gesture from a witness. I vote for you and support you, @skylinebuds.


No problem i want to engage with everyone in the smoke community.
This post is not asking for witness vote tho it is asking for the community to vote for SMOKE on icorating

Resmoked and upvoted🖒


Did you vote for smoke on icorating? We can get first with everyones vote


I did👍

Thanks for this @skylinebuds, you got my vote already


Thanks i think we can get first and get the article wrote about smoke.

Resmoked and you got my vote

this is lovely. On my way to vote