The Side-View of Cannabis and Tobacco (Opinion)

2 years ago



We knew that there are still most of countries in the world didn't legalize the use of Cannabis within their social life toward society, as the following effects known which is brought by Cannabis, another popular called by Marijuana, let those countries find their best within regulations integrated toward society. While we knew that the use of Tobacco is permitted, whether its effected in good otherwise.

The marijuana as the growing green plants whereas conducted by good element of land through its fertilize to formed the prefect qualities and tastes, its known by the name Cannabis Sativa contained with #Tetrahydrocarbonal within its leaf as it will affected sensational experiences to the users, such as feeling fun, euphoria, felling happy, long last laughing through the imagination effected. The psycho-active sensational brought by Marijuana whereas transfered to the neural (Brain) and psychological conditions.


Meanwhile, Tobacco means brought differences cases to its users. Beside, the following affect brought to cancer, pregnant disorder, heart-attack and many medical-healthy cases. Nicotine as one of contained element within tobacco come as the dangerous part.



We never knew, whether Marijuana or Tobacco stayed more save! While we knew that tobacco brought many effects, such as the research done published by Thorax Journal in 2007 described whereas 320 volunteer claimed by emphysema verdiction after consumed tobacco through their cigarettes. Emphysema also known by the Chronical Lungs Disorder as one of greatest effect toward the tobacco/cigarettes (Smoker) than Marijuana (Smoker).

Yup, there are only 1% of Marijuana Smoker who felt this Emphysema disorder, whereas Tobacco Smoker stay in 19% in 5 years accumulation. We knew that in one day, Marijuana smoker can only spent/smoke at least 5 hand-rolled cigarrets (Marijuana), while Tobacco smoker spent for about 16-25 stick of their cigarettes.

This calculation is only relativity prediction whereas there are probably rise another different case, as we knew whether Marijuana or Tobacco, which one are more saved to consumed, while we knew that the road to marijuana smoking begin by a single tobacco cigarette burned. It just need us to control ourself in enjoying thise things. While we knew that tobacco such kind effects mentioned above and also Marijuana.

For instantes, there are good things to do for us as smoker (active/passive), this tips come as the best solution to minimalize the toxin/nicotine whereas effect by tobacco/marijuana. The tips that I want to share come as the best solution to keep our lungs/healthy saved or minimalize after spent those tobacco/marijuana, just headed down as following this explanation:

1. Consuming Lime


You know within the lime contained alot of element which is capable to minimalize the toxin, as one of them as nicotine. Actually, you can consumed by mixed through the warm white water plus sugar. For better result, do it once a day.

2. Green Tea


Green tea contained a lot of medical elements whereas brought several positive effect to our health, you can consumed it in morning or night tea moment.

3. Carrot Juice

Yup, beside its function to the healthy eyes, carrot also capable to minimalize the toxic. This is the easiest thing as we just can consumed juice in our daily life activity.

Final Thought

After all discussion explained above, we knew that everything is depend on ourself, whether we want the best to ourself otherwise. I knew, smoking isn't just a hobby when it can make your concentration more focused and your mind perfectly working.

Just maintain your choices, smokers!


All the best,


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Cannabis isn't as safe as people think it is when it's combusted, there's likely similar risks of throat/lung irritation disorders, so it's best sticking to vaping.

I hate it that tobacco is mixed in with cannabis so frequently, keep it separate!