Welcome to my SECOND "Resmoke Giveaway"

Again I will be handing out another 25 SMOKE to one lucky person. Last week's winner was @Smokeasaurusrex. You can find him by clicking on his name.

To qualify for this second giveaway I have added one additional condition. These conditions are:

  • Upvote this post
  • Give me a follow (if you haven't already)
  • Share this post (resmoke)

These conditions will be double-checked before the 25 SMOKE is distributed.

In addition, if I do not have at least 25 participants for this giveaway then I will save the 25 SMOKE for the following week when there are more people on the platform.

To participate you have until October 12th at 1pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) to upvote, follow, and share.

Good Luck!!


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I love such a good contest. And I'll definitely do it <apvote

Amazing Contest to help the young ones grow, I just


I hope I stand a chance

Wow this a very nice contest this will really help the platform to grow.
I will be looking forward for more contest from you.

Easy peasy and yes, did it. @dreamteam , join in!

Cool, just getting my account sorted and I'll be joining!

I love contests! Thanks for hosting this one. Smoke up!

Awesome contest!

  • upvoted
  • resmoked
  • followed

I hope I win! lol :)

Done, done and done lol saying I resmoked tickles me. Don't know why but it does... But that maybe the dab talking too..

Done! Please gimme duh smoke

I'd like to be excluded from the contest, but I'm still smoking it, resmoking it and following you. I think contests are a good initiative and a fun addition to the blockchain. :)

I'll stay tuned to see what types of contests you hold!

Peace and Love!

If you'd like, instead of entering me in the contest, you could give me a vote for witness instead. It'd be much appreciated! :) Up to you!


You'll get a witness vote from me, assurance!!

Thanks for the contest. It's an awesome way to help the platform.

Let's smoke until we hit the clouds...

All protocols duly observed

This is my first post I'll drop on this platform. And it's awesome to find out a chance to earn 25 smoke.

I've resmoked, upvoted and gave you a follow.

Done upvoted and resmoked

It's an awesome initiative to benfit the community.

Come on buddy, brings those 25 pieces of smoke to me!!! 🕊🕊

Amazing contest.


Thank you for the participation.


Congratulations @Smokeasaurusrex!!!

All done, I'm in. Cool contest

Thanks for the shoutout. Always looking forward to your contests and how you're getting the community involved. Thanks again man😤

Done, all the steps

Upvote ✔️
Follow ✔️
Resmoke ✔️




done upvote resmoke follow

My first contest on the blockchain. Upvoted, followed and resmoked like a responsible smoker/contestant.

Nice idea!

I need some SMOKE

All Done @resmoke

ok, let's do it!