Back from a little shilling

10 months ago

I have been away the last week or so at SteemFest and took the opportunity to shill some to a fair few people I met along the way. I am hoping that some of them will start popping up here in the coming weeks to trial the community and see what it has to offer and get accustomed to 50/50 curation.

A large part of the decentralization puzzle is of course distribution of the tokens but more importantly than that, it is the connection of the blockchain to real world people and businesses. There is a lot of space for social chains and no one should see it as competition at this point at least as there are literally billions of people yet to arrive.

What we need to do is build a community of decentralized thinkers and actors, no matter what chain they happen to use. In time, it will create a whole range of ways to leverage each chain for use case and cross-connect communities so that the entire ecosystem is antifragile.

The smoke community at this point should be looking to bring in relevant friends and family that add value to the smoke chain and are willing to power up to become distributors of the future. Some people seem to want to hoard coins at this point but in the end, it is not the best way to go for a future position. In my experience, community thinkers will always out-perform maximizers in the long term.

Smart individuals understand it is smart to build communities.


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Welcome back :)

Hmm it seems you have been loving communities alot after communities. If you are up for a discussion hit me up on discord.


I have been loving communities for a long time, people just tend to focus on the wrong areas of the blockchain.

I'm just going to say: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

I think a lot is said here in this quote. The simple quote yet so powerful. This is the quote I've been telling people around blockchains. This is how our mentality should be, WE>I.


When we work together the job of mainstreaming is shared and we all benefit sooner.

I would think that the 50/50 curation alone would interest most people (even the non-writers).


For me personally I find it means I have no pressure to post to earn so I am able to concentrate more on other's content. I like it.



You did well at Steem Fest as I am sure that due to your efforts, some steemains will join Smoke community in the coming days and this will help us to build our decentralized community.


I hope so. Let's see :)

Salute to this kind of mindset, not a greedy mindset for a community which is just started. Thank you for being you Sir! Keep up the good work for a better community within.


When we act as ourselves for the community, we benefit personally too.

Thanks for having such an amazing mindset, you´re smart in my eyes... the smoke network should get in more people and not ask people to leave,


If they are good actors working for both themselves and the community well, they are welcome in my eyes.

OMG we should really look into having a SMOKE fest in one of the legal states or countries!!

steemit has set the template all we have to do is emulate minus those bad habits they have over there.

[decentralized thinkers ]

Knows no boundaries and limitations.


What was apparent at SteemFest is that almost by default, they are decentralized thinkers.


almost by default

the essence of unity, that's exactly the beauty of decentralization.

Smart individuals understand it is smart to build communities.


Welcome back, sign me up I'm all in my friend. I think in the future these social network blockchains will be the new Facebook and twitters. Why use that crap when you can use instead, thanks mate and bong on bro. :-)


It is a growing understanding that social networks have to include value for the network, not just the provider.

Cheers Raz :)
I feel ya man, power in numbers.
When I tell my friends about the platform they gasp!
It won't be long until they all come :)

smoke pulled u back :). so you missed us.