Introducing "CryptoSmokers" [Discord channel for community]

2 years ago

Do you feel like your vote is the size of trichome? That your account will never grow bigger?
You can join our small, still in beta Discord channel CryptoSmokers. Server is still new and small, but everyone that tend to post regular, interesting, unique, authentic and genuine material on is welcomed.

I sincerely hope that this community will grow as the time goes by.

There is only one rule for joining channel:

  • You need to post quality materials and it does not have to be revolving around Weed; not spam, memes, copy paste posts from other websites that you do not own copyright for, posts with just pictures as well as religious material (everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and this is not meant to offend you or censure you, but for the sake of neutrality we wish it would be better without mentioning it)...

All users that get caught in posting spam, fraud, plagiarism and NSFW material will be immediately banned

After joining be sure to read the rules and you can post your posts in post_promotion only once every 24 hours; but before you do so you are required to:

  • UPVOTE AND COMMENT SOMETHING RELEVANT on 2 (two!) other posts from the same Channel and MENTION authors Discord names before your post. Pretty straight forward obligation.
    This way you give something to the community and you get something from it.

If you see someone mentioned you and did not upvote or comment, please mention it in "warnings_bans" and that person will get a warning.

If you use our hastag #CRYPTOSMOKERS you will get free upvote from us.

Please DO NOT SPAM comments and post something like please follow me back or upvote for upvote, here nor on
You would not beg on the streets, why would you on the blockchain!

As a owner of the server I will be looking out for anyone that is braking the rules and doing random checks on post; as well as trying to upvote quality material and curate it. As the community starts to grow, hopefully, server will be updated and expanded. Who knows where this little adventure might get us.

Here is the link for joining Discord server:


Feel free to ask any questions you have and do not hesitate to write your suggestions and be active member.

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