Missed the ico sale, bitshares got you covered, steps to purchase and transfer smoke from bitshares to smoke.io with screenshots attached

3 years ago

Hi guys and greetings to the smoke community, well my first post was kind of a test and I dropped a question on how or where to purchase smoke coin, due to the fact i earlier applied for airdrop but failed to participate on the ICO, although i wished I bought some smoke during the ico but then it’s not too late.

Smoke from the few days been online, it’s really generated good numbers with numbers of registered users increasing daily and post been made, it would be a shame not to be among the earliest investors in this great network.

The below is a step by step procedure on how to purchase smoke from bitshares.org and transfer the smoke to your smoke account.

The below is strictly procedure on how to purchase smoke from bitshares.org and not an investment advice, choices made here after are made solely by you and you alone.

Well let’s just have fun and enjoy this great platform.

First of all, if you yet to create a bitshares account, do so Click Here, you have the option to create a cloud wallet or download it to your device and installed as an extension to chrome.

Personally I see cloud wallet just as good as the other but the ability to log in from multiple devices is available here, as it requires just your password and your username to signup.

During creating of account, a password is generated for you, copy and save it securely as it is the only means to gain access to your account and coins.

To purchase smoke

  • For the purpose of fast and secure means, we are going to deposit BTS to our account and make purchase via BTS to smoke.

  • Click on the icon just close to your username at top right

  • From the drop down menu click on DEPOSIT
    A new page will be shown to you, in which you can select a coin to deposit and generate an address to send to, but this process is a little bit long, rather let’s deposit BTS.

  • To deposit BTS to your bitshares account, from the deposit menu, your account will be shown to you, which act as your address to exchange or bts holder, which they can send BTS to you

  • Say you don’t have BTS already, you can get by exchange from eth or btc to bts from listed exchange like binance, blocktrades and others.

  • For the purpose of this tutorial, will be using blocktrades and my exchange will be steem, you can as well exchange eth to bts, btc to bts and others.

  • Click here,the option to create account before making any transaction is available or make your transaction directly, purpose of creating account, is to keep record and track your transaction progress.

  • Upon creating an account or not,

  • Click the coin you are depositing (steem, eth, btc,....) and also receive box select BTS/bitshares.

  • Fill the address with your username as shown via the screenshot above.

  • Your screen should be similar to mine but with a different address (yours)

  • Generate deposit address and an account will be given to you if you dealing on btc or eth, were you send the required fund you are depositing to.

  • But if you using steem, steemconnect page will come up, were you fill your steemit username and also enter your credentials.

  • Request is processed within few seconds and transaction will be shown via your bts account
    Screenshot (58).png

  • Click exchange and select coin you trading, from the screenshot below you can see BTS and SMOKE are both selected.

  • Scroll down to place your order

  • From the screenshot shown below, the best price at the moment is usually at the first green icon, that's the price and demanded that could easily be filled, but if you not satisfied or happy with that, you could give your price from the sell order, fill in the amount of bts you are will to trade, the quantity of smoke to be gotten from that price will be shown to you and then place your sell order.


Note, when making purchase do leave certain amount of bts as it will be used for transaction fee later on say, 0.2bts or so

  • When your order has been filled,

  • Click on Dashboard and your available coin will be shown to you there


  • Click on the send icon, as shown above

  • A new option will be shown to you


  • To, input smoke-network

  • Quantity quantity of smoke you sending out

  • Memo/Message swap?u=username the username should be replaced with your smoke username, example the screenshot above shows a transaction of smoke been sent out to the user otemzi, hence the username there will be otemzi

  • Send out, to send you need certain amount of bts as fee, say 0. 1 to 0.2

  • You will be ask to confirm transaction, recheck your words and click confirm to send out

  • Few seconds your transaction would be processed and your smoke will be available on your smoke account, which you can choose to power up or not.

Congrats you just bought, transfer and received the smoke token.

Do have fun as we only have one life to live

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How long does it take foe BTS to be converting to SMOKE after you sell BTS.


Not long, it depends on when a buyer clicks on your bts sale amount, so it could be few secs or hours, better you pick the first sale price for quick purchase but if you looking to wait then you could place a order of your choice


Remember it is not converted but rather exchange due to price agreement


I have sent smoke from my bts account to my smoke account as you directed here !! but i have not received anything i smoke account till now !! its been long.


If you followed the procedure clearly it shouldn't take 2-5secs to reflect via the desired account you sent the smoke to

Well explained, keep it up.


Thanks bro

Great work explaining this for SMOKE users. BitShares Rocks!

Cloud account only:

  • Using a cloud account is really fine and dandy.
  • Never forget you have a cloud account
  • Never lose the password and account name
  • Never try to use a '.bin' file, and do not create one with a cloud account
  • Extra step, once logged in go and check out the settings, keys, and get a copy of all your keys, and keep them somewhere safe (offline).

Local account:

  • You are a more advanced user, and have got used to BitShares and want to make a true paper/cold wallet.
  • You will create a .bin file
  • Not for beginners

Thanks for the above, it should be really helpful as related to account usage

Very nice tutorials bro... Well explained...


Thanks bro, had to make it as simple as possible,it will serve as a means to share to a wide group of users without having to explain repeatedly 😁.

Thanks for stopping by smoke-on

Thank you bro. Please visit me


Thanks for stopping by pzamiahmed, much appreciated and I hope you found the above a little helpful 😁

Thanks for the information @otemzi

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Thanks for the upvote @smokesteam, happy my post was found useful, much appreciated.

Thank u for a great explanatory guide on this!


you welcome and am glad it was helpful

Great tutorial here. I can just imagine how much effort you've put into this. A shame i'm not able to transfer my few coins from the bitshares just yet to give my lil reward. That node synchronizing for ever is really annoying. Will sure come back yet once it's gone thro. Keep smoking awesome....


Thanks Diana, same Diana from airhawk right? if yes its really been a long time, glad to find you here #smoke-on


She's same everywhere. Sure it's been ages. Hope the goings are well on your end.


yea she is same everywhere I guess lol, well its been all fine cant complain

Thanks so much! I just was wondering how to get my crypto to smoke, this solved my issues! :) You're the man!

Peace and Love.


Nice bro, glad I could help out #smoke-on

Thank you for this wonderful tutorial


you welcome man, do have fun #smoke-on