Avoid arguments for a healthier relationship.

2 years ago

Dear friends when God sends us to this mortal world for mourning and passing our life and acting our role, He also gives us friends, relatives, life partners to lessen our pain and enjoy this journey. For very little reason which is not much important or sometimes they are nothing but just some silly deeds when came in between our relationships and react like a sword to tear apart our relationship in pieces I called them an arguments.


Friends, it's completely in our hands to improve the quality and better understanding of our relationship with anyone like our friends, family members or our life partner. The best and most trusted way I think is to avoid the making of arguments to anyone whenever you speak with them.


Arguments for any reason or of any type can lead to a quarrel and misunderstanding finally the worst reason of breaking of several important relations and makes a trench for life that can't be filled for life and leaves several bad impacts in your healthy relationship.


Friends always try to avoid arguments with anyone and whenever you have any problem with your loved one or partner tries to avoid it or you can say to them that your this act not suits me or dislike it (and be careful it's not should be a yell at your partner or friend) and please don't do this again as it hurts me so much. Dear friends, I can guarantee you whenever you told these lines to your partner with love and innocently it will work like a magic and you will find that he or she will not repeat that mistake again and this action will reward you in return as it will strengthen your relationships and its bonding and love.

Friends always keep in mind the relationship with your friends or relatives or with your partner is very important and it's very valuable.

I hope my little suggestion will work you positively and make your relations more strong and beautiful.

Thank you.

By @oodeyaa

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Yes. Make sure to have healthy dialogue.

A reason or set of reasons given in support of an idea, action or theory. By Oxford dictionary.

Now, you have a phone, a car, a computer, health..everything you can imagine because of the arguments, where people discussed different types of views and approaches. The way we know about the universe as we do is all mostly theoretical argument.

These are all man given products, not God given. God gave me pneumothorax and wanted me to die. Humans with their knowledge and actions deal with that pneumothorax so that I could live.

I think you misspelled the word "figh" here.


Dear sir I am very happy because you stopped and read my post very attentively and passionately so first of all a big thank you for your precious time and attention, another thank you for your true review and comment, dear sir maybe I am wrong in some cases as I write here what my mind says and I don't what it says sometimes as it's totally bound with circumstances what I feels and experienced that day.

God bless you dear sir.


Maybe you are not wrong, I just said what was on my mind and what was my reaction on reading your post.