Token up 100%

9 months ago

This is a sign of things to come....

I Hope you have a little Smoke.


I know this token is up and down but man it sure is nice to see a crypto go up by 100% in a day.... reminds me of the good old days....

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Are you kidding me?! Someone must have bought a good amount of Smoke for this to happen. I bought some a few weeks ago at bitshares, and there was so little volume that my buy moved the price up from like .03.. to almost .04 USD. I didn't pay attention to the BTC or BTS price changes.


Yeah up 110 % versus BTC.

Nice. I think SMOKE will do well, long-term. :)


Me too. Stoked about Smoke


Does the SMOKE UIA on the BTS DEX have a long term though? It's ICO tokens which are being claimed where as RUDEX.SMOKE is liquid SMOKE which was deposited directly from the SMOKE network.

We need coinmarketcap and other websites currently tracking smoke to track RUDEX.SMOKE That and perhaps getting added to a few more exchanges

Anyone approach some of the legal cannabis producers in the Confederation of Canuckistan? They could really pump the price should they see it as a natural audience to market to.


Yeah.... I have sent a few Twitter messages to Aurora


Also sent messages to Tilray and Hexo.... they are very confused about Blockchain.


Though to be fair they could also be posting their own content on here before touching the exchanges, plenty of vote power to go around for quality content creators 👌

Menh!!! This is crazy.

That is very good!!!!