Cannabis and Meditation

11 months ago


I was talking to one of my best friends (who I met at yoga class a long time ago) about the use of cannabis for active #meditation... aka yoga.

She's a regular smoker and fully aware of how cannabis is a total game changer when it comes to medicinal benefits, as a doctor she has even recommended cannabis oil to some of her patients.

We both agree that #Cannabis helps a lot when it comes to silence the mind and get fully immersed into the #practice. It also relaxes the body, releasing tensions and preventing muscular contractions.
One can really feel the #connection of body & mind and it becomes easier to reach #balance...

Nevertheless, one doesn't need to go to yoga to meditate, that's just one way to do it..
Any moment is perfect for meditation, just by focusing on our breating and connecting to the present moment a higher state of mind can arise within.

The sacred plant is always there to assists us on our journey...

I also wanted to share that I recently started posting on my Whaleshares Blog! :D
and I have found amazing content and authors there...

Hope you visit and share some love (:

Have a great day! see you soon...


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