VOTE Smoke To Get Listed In CryptalDash Exchange

2 years ago

Hey, everyone in Smoke!

We need the community's power to get Smoke listed in the first integrated exchange, CryptalDash. This exchange has Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, CryptalDash and Poloniex in their realm. It's like a roster of all the exchanges I trade in, it's only missing one of my other favorite, Coinbase.

Pretty sure if Smoke gets listed here then it's a huge win! We should do our best to gather our force and vote. It's already listed as a candidate token and we need to do the voting.

Voting can be done here:

This is just a screenie of the page:

(We need to reach 100% to get listed! Way to go!)

Before voting, please take note of the guidelines here:

The voting involves accumulating points for social media shares, social follows, high leverage tasks and buying CRD tokens.

The competition runs for 6 days, 12 hours and some minutes, as of this writing. I hope that's enough time for us to get the points we need to max the counter. Listing a token in a reputable exchange is definitely a step to the MOON!

Help bring Smoke to the MOON!

Love and Peace,



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I continue this initiative, thanks for sharing.


Awesome! We should be all in this together. Thanks for dropping by and the upsmoke. Enjoy your day.

Sure I will help!!!


I know you would. Hahaha! I got excited when I saw it.

Just went and voted. It was a rather simple task!


Oh it sure is. Community power needed!

oyes! why not I'm into this exchange months ago, lesgereron!!!!

I think you are the best abusive bitch I have seen from around here, li'l sis. After all the shame you still get those votes, you awesome!

I will vote later after my work.