Smoke UBI + Engagement + POW + Anti-Spam + Anti-Plagiarism Rolled into One Game

2 years ago

Hi, Smokers!

I just thought I'd present to you an idea.

I love Graphene Social Media platforms, Steemit, Whaleshares, Smoke and of course, Bitshares. I stumbled upon these things now that I'm so bored with life being chronically ill and stay at home. That means I am lucky! Because rather than lying on my bed staring at the ceiling, I am in here learning new things everyday, blogging and meeting new friends in cyberspace.

Okay, enough about that boring intro.

I've been in Steemit for awhile, it's tough there but it works. If you know me from there, you'd prolly know I run a silly game where everyone wins a little something everyday. The concept of Universal Basic Income is a good thought to me so I designed it that way. My friend calls it's a splitter game where the prize is split to all. Some call it a Steem faucet. I call it mini "Universal Basic Steem Income." It's been running for 130 days now, and I have around 50-100 people playing the game daily. It lost the momentum when the HF20 happened, the little fishes can't join anymore because of RC issues and it was cancelled for an entire week because of the HF. I get little to no support there but I plan to keep it going because that is the only way I can help little fishes other than my close to nothing upvotes as a minnow.

If you want to check my game out, look here: Guess the Color Game - Day 131 | Mermaidvampire's DAILY Splitter Contest

So, what's up?!

I want to run a game here in Smoke. I might run this in all graphenes but I would love to do this first here in Smoke because the community has that vibe I love. Earlier today, I made a post about anti-spam here and this is also timely of that topic. Smoke is the newest of the 3 platforms, but this has all I need to run the game. But I really wish people help sponsor the game because I will need funds for the prizes but if it does not happen, it's fine. I will try to earn the money I need to roll it.

The game is simple. It will incorporate 5 things in one. Universal Basic Income or rather Universal Basic Smoke Income (LOL), Engagement, Proof of Work, Anti-Spam and Anti-Plagiarism.


For now, I will set a reward pool of 4.20 Smoke (sample figure for reward) per day. I will be the one to make the daily game post. Everyone who wishes to join the game will have to drop the link of one Smoke post they did that day under that post (Proof of Work). He/she must state the number of words and it must not be below 50(For it not to be Spam) and it should also not have plagiarized content. I will then check the post and make sure it is not Spam indeed and no plagiarized material was used. Violators will not be rewarded. Those who followed the instructions and came out clean will share equally among themselves a fraction of the 4.20 Smoke reward.

I think this will work here in Smoke because the community is still small and this is the best time to do this so that people will be corrected from this bad habits of spamming and plagiarizing. On top of people's author rewards from posts and curation rewards, I think it will be both rewarding and fun if they will get a little bit more through a simple game like this. There are no barriers to entry, anyone in Smoke can join. This will also reinforce good behavior of the people in this platform.

Additional requirements can be asked if needed, like the posts should have graphics or good quality pictures. Other incentives can also happen like there would be another prize fund for cannabis-related content posts.

I hope someone helps me make this happen. I mean to help this platform and hopefully I can do it through this.

'Ight! I need to sleep it's almost 4am here. Be chill!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!



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Nice idea and I am really inspired to hear about the effort you're putting into your online hobbies despite your condition. I really hope and pray that you get better so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Keep up the wonderful work :)


Yes. I am slowly saving for my kidney transplant from all these. Hopefully, when that happens, I can thank all my friends here for making it happen. Thank you, I appreciate the thought. ^_^

I like the idea. Will keep an eye for sure, and maybe get some smoke in return. Thanks for your follow by the way.


Thanks, I am in your CryptoSmokers Discord. I saw you there. ^_^

Nice initiative good to see you are doing a good work for the chain, Hoping to see many entries.

Burn same smoke

Wonderful idea! I like your initiative of making the Smoke platform alive... Keep it up and hopefully a lot of smokers will be joining! Cheers!

You have a very nice idea.Keep it up!! I will support you in this project:)

Can u follow me?


I can, but please stop asking people to follow you. Let them decide for themselves if they will follow you or not. If this is your first time to be in a platform like this, take my advice, do not beg for followers and do not beg for votes. Just enjoy posting stuff with relevance and people will just gravitate around, follow you and give upvotes. Thanks for checking me out. You have a nice day!

kewl... I'd be down for that... probably not daily, but I'll check it out once in a while...

I will be supporting you,it is a very good idea,I hope everyone will cooperate.

Good idea! This will keep us posted and more cautious of not getting plagiarized.

This is an awesome ideas - as someone brand new here I’m super stoked about all opps to be involved and get more smoke. Thanks for helping to build the community!

will definitely join here. you got my support clever awesome lady 👌

Yeah adding flavor to smoke and it will fun for sure, count me in! Goodluck!

This is a great idea @mermaidvampire! I am one of the participants of your daily splitter contest on steemit and I will surely join this too!

Hello @mermaidvampire! In response to your gaming presentation, may I submit my post for today:


Hello @sarimanok, this game has not started yet. I wish I did start this today but then I am suspected of being an abuser of this platform. I will have to wait when I'm cleared of that. Thanks!


Do not wait for that... do what you need to do for the community. Don´t let others, let alone a user- witness (?) let you down. You´re far better than that person.