Powering Up Your Smoke Account from Bitshares

last year

Hello, people of Smoke!

This is my first post here in Smoke.io. I was excited to power up and help curate with a little bit more power. I don't have Smoke tokens so I bought some in Bitshares using BTS and I got 51 Smokes. I am new to Bitshares and I barely have some assets in there as you will see in the screenshots below.

I will try to provide a step by step tutorial on how to send Smoke from Bitshares to Smoke.io wallet and powering up an account.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to https://claim.smoke.io/coinswaptool and fill out the form. Your account will be verified if it is active and you will be given a MEMO to use in sending Smoke from Bitshares. You will also be given the Bitshares Wallet Address of Smoke Network where you need to send the Smoke tokens to.


    See the address it is: smoke-network and the memo, please copy it as it is.

  2. Go to your Bitshares wallet, make sure to login and on your Dashboard, choose smoke and click on Send, there are 2 ways you can click Send. In the drop down or on the asset list, itself there is a send option there.


  3. Fill out the Send Form in Bitshares with the Wallet Address of Smoke Network, the amount of Smoke you want to send and the Memo you were provided.


  4. Confirm the Sending transaction.


5.Go to your wallet, the Smoke that was sent should be there. In my case, it was a minute wait.


  1. Click on the Drop Down Arrow next to the Smoke value in your Smoke.io wallet and choose Power up.


  2. Fill out the Convertion form from Smoke tokens to Smoke Power.


  3. Your Smoke Power should increase the powered up amount you just sent it.


That's it. It's quite easy and anyone can do it. Now, I can now help some Smoke people in curating their content with a little bit more power from this power up.

I am so excited to be here. The account creation was so smooth, I love this platform already.

Until next time, please feel free to follow and be my friend here in the Smoke Network. Thanks for reading.

@mermaidvampire of Smoke.io

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I did the same....in fact I am very excited to see smoke.io launching until one somebody harras my silence.

oh hello, glad you're puffing now i got a buddy, lol!
welcome to smoke paradise...

Good instructions. It does work well, plus smoke is a good price at the moment on Bitshares :)

Welcome to SMOKE!
Great to see another steemian here.

Love the tutorial @mermaidvampire
Wish I had found it earlier for an upvote. Maybe next time :)