What is User-Authority (UA) on the Smoke-Network? And how can you profit from it?

2 years ago

Whats up Green-Lovers,

I'm reading myself thru the Smoke Whitepaper again, and man they did some great updates to it. Probably, I should have checked it sooner, but if you guys are familiar with the Steem-Reward System than some things here seems to be the same.

Well, like I just discovered they are not!!! Smoke-Network uses the new User-Authority Model (page 28 whitepaper) introduced by @scipio from Steem. What is so special about it? Well many Users of Steem complained about the trashy content on the Trending Pages, and the new User UA-Model is going to change that.

How is that going to be achieved? It all starts with the guardians and workers of our Smoke-Blockchain the Witnesses. They are the most important, reputable and respected members of the Smoke-Blockchain. They run the hardware and software to make things happen here.


In order, to keep up the quality of our Trending page high, the UA-Model takes your Smoke Power and your followers into account to determine how valuable your vote and influence is. That means, if you have more Smoke Power and have good followers, that are close to the Witnesses or people with great influence like @stoner or @smokers420, than your vote and influence will rise. That also means, if you have lower Smoke-Power, but great influence in the network, you still will be noticed in the Trending Posts.


downvotable(user) bool = (UA(user) >= UA(threshold)) ? true : false
Implement UA to curate monetary rewards (author / curation):
upvote_reward = UA * SP

At one point, you are also able to downvote spammers and low quality content, if your UA-score is high enough. That is a great incentive for all newcomers to get your starting right.

Vote for Witnesses like I did there are great examples out there like @blckchnd @murda-ra @nathansternx @blackman @powerpicswitness @skylinebuds @smokeasaurusrex @smokinghotnish @bbq-iguana @bangzi or @chronocrypto but also check all others too!!! And they will really appreciate your support!

Get involved, with the issues they have and comment on their posts!!!
Lets do things better here than on other Social-Media Blockchains.

Since, I also have to get used to this new system, I appreciate every comment, help and suggestions from you guys on this topic!!!

Stay tuned for more updates and lets get that green smoking!

yours @masterthesmoke


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UA has not been implemented yet but it is coming once we allow delegation... Good to have some eyes on it tho, thanks for the post.


Hi @stoner thanks for your insight. That means right now the trending page is mostly sorted by highest payouts (therefore Smoke-Power) and will be updated in the future. What is the expected timeline for releasing the Smoke-Power delegation and UA-Rating system?


Hi @stoner. Will UA be expressed in consensus logic and act as a modifier to stake-weighted voting for distribution? Or will it simply affect the UI and/or trending post ranking as returned from RPCs? Either way, I am happy to see an attempt to fix the issues that we have seen on other platforms.


How will UA be implemented? Will this be shown in the reputation system? I looked liked UA was working, because when I gave about a 1.00 smoke vote the rep doesn't increases.

Love the artwork, but definitely appreciate the well explained introduction and reasoning behind network such as Smoke :)

Big HOORAY for mention, btw and thanks :D


You guys are doing the most work and I will do my best to promote good user-behavior and support for the Witnesses! Lets rock the Smoke boat together!

Great Work with this post, I appreciate your detailed reflexion! I am also busy reading through the pages of the white paper, since it seems I might have missed something... Some "prominent" members seem to think music, gaming or any other subcultural endeavor not directly related to the topic of marijuana should not be posted on the platform. I beg to differ. Any thoughts?


I guess everything is debatable in the sense that its hard to draw a line where things get off topic. Like in this post for example, I don't talk about cannabis itself but more about this community and how it works. The same could be said for music or gaming if it helps to support the smoke community, I'm with it.


Then I greatly encourage you to voice your opinion on this in the Discord server: https://discord.gg/GbaKePY

Nice write-up and thanks for taking the time and initiative to read the white paper.


Thanks, for checking by @bbq-iguana! I love that name :-)

Hey hey, thanks for the mention @masterthesmoke. You are appreciated.

I see UA as an an added benefit to the community, allowing average sized accounts room at the table. Its definitely fun to watch the way things evolve as these DPoS blockchains move further down the road and we all learn how to better tailor them to best suit the needs of the communities involved. 😤

Nice work, thanks for giving details. Will keep an eye here for more