Reporting a glitch on Smoke

9 months ago

hello, I hope this reaches someone who can look into it. i have consistently been having trouble uploading images to smoke via the selecting or drag and drop methods. whenever i try the thing says uploading , reaches 100% but does not insert anything into my content box. The only way that has worked for me consistently is to upload the photos elsewhere and putting a ling to then that way. I have tried it on chrome and firefox both seem to have the same issue.

Just thought I would put that out there for the developers to possibly see it...

anyone else experiencing this issue or is it just me?

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Thanks, we are working on it.


awesome! thank you for being so vigilant :)

Try using an external image host like imgur then using markdown


this is what i have been using as a workaround as well as just making a image post on steemit and using the photo links from there

I have had the some problems. @stoner

same problem here. I'll just put em in the editor in steemit and copy the link over.. that should do the trick.. was trying like 5x and it didn't work!