This evening with my friend name kush- Video of us kushing some Loud.

2 years ago

Smoke platform is here, and my guys here are basing stuffs up,
Welcome to a place where you bass up Marijuana and get paid - its your choice if you choose to repeat 🔂 but come on, who won't want to repeat if even before smoke network launched - they previously smoke for free.

Not Necessary a smoker but my kind of career i chose calls for me to be tagged a smoker and i have my daily dealings with Marijuana either with my friends or where i stay-and sometimes i have know choice than bash some up but not on a daily.

I am a Rapper, sings and a music producer, i have heard severally that all artiste especially needs some inspiration before they could put up contents - i don't know how true this is cause i have being doing all this stuffs and putting out great musical contents with out the helps of Marijuana - and also because of its nutritious content i have been asked to take it for fast motivation and inspiration -it all goes down to Ones believe and what they thought works for them but i told them "inspiration doesn't come from what one takes but what is within man's heart and brain''-

Today, on our creek camp, telling my friends about the smoke network and they all got excited- especially our personal studio called KUSH - lol that name already explain who he is hahahh- i did smoke for some weeks before quitting not because its bad because i found it to be addictive and yes its true its healthy but i left it for my own reasons and today brought me back to those era's lol - so i did light up some kush today and pop that up Up to show them i was never against them because i quit smoking and we all work together almost everyday but when they take this cannabis they shouldn't abuse it. Take it when needed and not as water we drink then 😉 get paid.

Welcome to Smoke dot High Hole

Smoke - Get paid - And Repeat 🔂

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Nice buddy, keep the flame 🔥 high. Burn burn something.


Definitely 😃 we keep that burning 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Lolz, keep the fire burning, smoke and get paid


Thank you my lady, appreciates

Marshal, this is a great publicity.
They previously smoke for free.


Lol, yeah they smoke for free but now they get paid and repeat 🔂 😉