YES! LuckyLuke SMOKEs!

2 years ago


@luckyluke here. You may have heard about me before and seen me in cartoons as a kid but, I bet you never expected me to be a SMOKEr. Well, I am. But, where I'm currently tokin' from, the HERB is considered to be illegal so, don't tell anyone.

lucky za smoke.png

I have been in the crypto space for over two and a half years now and I can't say that coins have treated me badly. In fact, they might even be able to get out of servitude the traditional monetary system.

Mostly during my morning wake and bake routine, I browsed through for well over a month now. I absorbed all of your positivity and knowledge about the HERB, like a spung. I enjoyed reading posts about and seeing pictures of your delicious nugs, reding your thoughts and paying close attention to what you are doing here. I realized how well this community grows organically and what this place can become in the future.

I see great potential in SMOKE and I want to do my part in accelerating its growth and multiply the potential it has to own the crypto cannabis niche.

I'm finally ready to join this amazing community of like-minded people and hopefully bring some value with my content.

I'm going to be mainly focused on curating worthy SMOKErs, organizing fun contest and promoting SMOKE in the crypto space and outside of it. I'm never going to Upsmoke myself but, will rather share 100% of my Smoking Power with great SMOKEcreators. Geared towards building a strong community of avid SMOKErs ready to help promote the platform and produce valuable content, is one of my biggest goals on here.

I want to incentivize positive traits in people, spread love and positivity far and wide, to all corners of this chain of blocks.

The SMOKE I earn

Will be going into Smoke Power to increase my ability to reward you. I will be investing as much, of the very limited amount of fiat I have in SMOKE to further increase my power to give.

In order to be curated by @luckyluke

There is nothing special you need to do at this point of time. Just post quality, original content and use #luckyluke tag. That's how I'll find and review your posts.

My UpSmoke may not be worth much now but

Soon it will be. I'll constantly work on increasing my SmokePower and I'm sure that results will follow my expectations.

First contest is coming out tomorrow

I wont tell you exactly what it is going to be about but, I can assure you that it will be:

  • fun and rewarding
  • promoting

Can't say much more without saying too much, sorry. Stop by tomorrow :D

I don't have any pictures of weed because of police

But I recently got a professional camera and I'm working on a little video for you. Should be up the day after the first contest so, have an eye out for that.

final smoke banner.png

Are ready to take SMOKE to the next level with me?

Get 4.2 Free Smoke Power On Sign Up To Start Your Journey On Smoke! The First Cannabis Community That Pays You To Post And Curate Content You Love..
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Cool thing to do but tbh I would never remember the tag. As it wouldn't really have anything to do with my posts and would take away from a tag that does. Would love for you and everyone else to check out my contests I hold.


That's why I followed you so I dont miss out on your stuff here :D

Will do!

Greetings pal :)
Good luck with your venture and looking forward to seeing your nuggets of goodness.

Ayy, the man with fast hands and good aim! Bet you could roll for a whole village in half an hour! ;)


Fastest one there is and fastest one on the gun there ever will be :D

Not as fast on rolling though, but my techniques of rolling separate me from the pilgrims.

The lucky luke?

Faster than his shadow.

Thanks for the positive vibes and promotion #smoke-on


Yep! That one.

You will get so much more soon :D

Welcome brother, I'm glad you are finally here :) I'm sure you're going to make this platform better so let's do it!


Thanks buddy! Looking forward to doing whatever I can to help this place grow, and blazin' with you through the intrawebs.

Oh, I'm ready to go on all sorts of planes of existence.


Thanks @trees!

Hey, my idol from childhood. It's nice that we had a lot of friendships time in cartoons already in my young ages, and I hope that we will be friend's now at Let's smoke some herb together

Welcome :)


I'm always glad to meet a fan! Yes, we canbe friends and blaze together, of course! Just don't tell anyone and bring rolling papers with you :D


Wow lovely luckyluck... happy to see you here :)
So where are Jully jumper and Rantanplan! ... lol


hahah heya @zpzn! Sadly, they didn't want to come. They can't stand the HERB and there is obviously too much of it here. I always had to get away from them when smokin' or they would come at me like I was doing dope or something.....


oh.. I see..
(I miss them too.)
and very glad too see you here..
go0d luck man 😎 and stay around :D

see who is here ! hahah , hii Luke :),, resmoked


hey there @li-art! thanks for the support :D


you are welcome :D

Hey good to see you here, welcome to the community where you connect with like-minds. Keep engaging/influencing.


Thanks for the warm welcome @jessica!

Welcome to smoke!!! Looking forward to your contest!!!


Thank you! Should be up any time now :D

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Excellent.... I will start adding the #luckyluke tag on everything. I see you building up a lot of Smoke power.


Awesome! I'll stop by to curate whenever I see you use the tag. But if/when the tag gets popular I'll have to stop by less often to leave Smoke for others :D


Sounds good.