When You Light up A Fatty And Suddenly People Appear Out of Nowhere - Ready to join the circle they just created

2 years ago


DISCLAIMER: I'm unsure if this effect is present worldwide but this is how things go where I'm from, somewhere in Europe. Where most of the people are poor yet, everyone smokes, or at least tries to.

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Same old, same old with some people. I'll go to my favourite spot in the hood, alone. Making no arrangments to meet anyone. Rolling a fatty takes me about two minutes. Done! No one on the horizon, great! Its to light up.



Oh boy, here he comes.

That one guy that can smell weed from a mile away is walking straight towards me. He came to ask if I he could join my SMOKE. With that one sentence and just with his presence, he ruined the whole point of me going there to light up.

I wanted to be alone in the nature, not boxed up at home and chill out. ALONE!

But no, he came along.

So, I tell him, "No man, you can't! You always come asking to join while you never bring any weed yourself. I've had it. Gonna smoke this one solo. "

With a tear in his eye, he says: "Ok, so that's how you are going to be now? " And goes away.

Thank god, he left! Can enjoy the herb and think about everything I need to do today.

Puff, puff

Third into the J, I hear footsteps, moving leaves behind me. Obviously I trip out, thinking its the police or something, hide the J and turn around only to see another fucking RAT. He has smelt the J from across the hood and went on a snooping mission to find the one smokin' it. Unfortunately he found me but, at least its not the police.

Ffs, my luck so far...... 2 rats in under 10 min.

Before he could get to me, I turn around with an angry look on my face saying:"Yo man, I've been through some shit, want to be alone. Could you please not come?"

Thankfully he bought it and disapeared as fast as he came out of nowhere, to trip me out.

Ah, now I can finally enjoy myself some herb

Yassss, this is exactly what I needed. Let go of all stress and anxiety, to relax, envision and ideate everything I will do today. From of the small tasks to the most important and complex ones. As each puff brings me closer to opening the floodgates of cretivity, I SMOKE on.

Oh boi, here we go!

That's what I'm talking about. The creative juices flowing in incredible amounts. Now I need to stop smoking, because if I continue, I'll just get stoned. Then all creativity fades, mind flies away and so do the ideas. They come and go but don't stick around long enough as the mind is in another state.

mind blown.gif
BOOM! Mind blown.

Ideas coming up to me which possibly wouldn't come about if I wasn't where I was, mentally. I fabricate ideas for content I'll create and my mind starts racing. Anything is possible now. In the same time thougts about the STEEM blockchain and crypto in general are creeping in. Got it! Concept for two videos, a post for Smoke.io and one for Steem. Sheeesh! That was fast.

Moving to Steem and crypto

Full mental capacity and beyond ahead, steered into what is in my opinion one of the most undervalued blockchains there is. One that has one of the largest and definitely the most active community, most developers working on it, most dapps being built, most daily activity. An actual usecase that can be applied on so many apps we are currenty using and turn them into money making machinefor their users.

Instead of playing a game, using a fitness monitoring app, asking/answering questions, instagramming, Youtubing, to make money for the greedy corps behind them, on STEEM based dapps users actually get paid to do the same exact thing they are doing there for free. But this time, they get what they deserve. THE MONEY THEY GENERATE.

Projects, dapps, businesses

So many brilliant ideas. Just from opening up my mind with one plant left to us by the Creator. Some I've been thinking about for a while but can't afford to pay a developer in the bear markets. Polishing the rough diamonds I've been hallucinating about for the last couple of months.

Thnking about ways to get the funds now and start doing instead of thinking. Nothing, no lightbulb moment this time.


Someone yells out from a distance.

Oh, shit. Here we go again...

I turn around to see who it is as he was so far away I couldn't recognize his voice. Surprised to see the one guy who I actually don't mind running into while blazing. Not only does he share some of my ideas, but he brings weed sometimes.

He is not a rat.

So we roll another and continue brainstorming together.

That's the RAT effect in a nutshell.

Running into peope who come out of nowhere as soon as you roll up and light that spliff. Ready to smoke half of it, like they rolled it. All while never bringing their own weed.

Have you ever seen the RAT effect in action?

If yes, tell me about the worst case that ever happened. If not, does it never happen? This could be specific to my location. I never traveled anywhere so, I have no clue. Let's chat about it in the comments.

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Blaze it Smokies!

Cya in the next one.

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The rat effect is real. I have seen it myself. There is this one guy who always pops up when I stop to visit a friend of mine. Seems like he knows I showed up and pops in. Frustrating af cause he never has weed and if he does he rolls it so small there is more paper then weed. He could roll 6 or 7 joints out of my one. It is annoying af.


I'm actually glad to hear it's not only here that the rats are trying to steal our weed.

I don't take it any more. Just tell them to move along. Ain't getting frustrated any more.


When I want to smoke in nature now. I have woods on my land so I can step put my door and step into the woods


That's freakin awesome! I don't have that luxury yet. Stuck in a concrete jungle.

That's a fucking mooch, those people are worthless.


Now that's the word I was looking for! Agreed, that's why I just stay away from them as much as possible.

hahah that's why I smoke home...alone... Lol JK but I know whacha talkin' about :D Like we're from the same country xD


Sam here but some times I just want to get out as I get claustrophobic spending too much time in the apartment.

Yea, how strange!

only person I like to smoke with is my woman. I weeded out the rats long ago. I still have a buddy or 2 that I'll smoke up, but there not rats, there buds, lol


Exactly what I'm doing nowadays! Most of the spliffs I light up are either with her, or alone if she is not around and a couple of friends I don't consider to be rats.

cool post man, i like it. I appreciate the support and witness vote!


Np @vladivostok
Smoke on my friend!